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    Freeblock functionality in StoryTeller

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  • Melker Eriksson Melker Eriksson StreamServe Employee
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    Is there any way to implement something similar to a freeblock (or "freerow") functionality in StoryTeller?

    Lets say you want to add a header row in a table, only if the following rows contains a certain field value... simply in order to categorize different line items, for instance.

    Thanks in advance!


    Monday 14 March, 2011
  • Tsen-Tiam Chu Tsen-Tiam Chu StreamServe Employee


    I guess it have to be done with help of repeaters.

    Lets say you have a block containing alot of rows with different items. Then you want to add a header to a specific itemrow. So total table rows will be two in this case, one for the recurring data and one for header. 

    Repeat on both rows with recurring data Xpath. Then add additional repeater on the header row. The Xpath for this repeater should be something like "self::*[fiedlToCheck = "HEADER"]"

    In this way it will be sort of a freeblock. Hope this information is what you are looking for.


    Monday 14 March, 2011


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