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    Prerequisites for Composition Center

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  • Swati Ratput Swati Ratput
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    Could anyone please let me know what are the prerequisites of Composition Center.

    I have the following softwares installed in my PC.

    Configuration of my PC 

    1. Currently I am using StreamServe Persuasion SP4, Version 5.4.0 GA Build: 836.

    2. PC Configuration - OS - Windows XP SP3, RAM - 2GB.

    3. I am able to design templates in StoryTeller and able to generate pdf's successfully.

    4. I have Apache Tomcat5.5 in my PC, i have tried increasing the tomcat memory(as suggested by someone on the streamserve forum). (Free memory: 168.70 MB Total memory: 247.62 MB Max memory: 494.93 MB).

    5. I have oracle10g database installed in my PC.

     I am able to login to the StreamStudio portal using the link mentioned below - http://localhost:8080/StreamStudio/Portal/start

    I could find the below error from the streamstudio.log file

    2011-02-22 09:49:17,003 [taskExecutor-1] ERROR com.streamserve.configuration.cm.ds.jdbc.JdbcConnectionFactory  - Failed to create a connection based on driver: Driver:   com.streamserve.www.jdbc.oracle.OracleDriver               URL:      jdbc:streamserve:oracle://localhost:1521;ServiceName=orcl  Username: strsWebContentCorr Password: He**** (semi-hidden)

    2011-02-22 09:49:17,003 [taskExecutor-1] WARN  org.hibernate.cfg.SettingsFactory  - Could not obtain connection metadata java.sql.SQLInvalidAuthorizationSpecException: [streamserve][Oracle JDBC Driver][Oracle]ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied 

     Hence i have logged into the database and checked Username: strsWebContentCorr exist in the database with password - Hello123,

    But i dont know for what reason i am not able to open the Composition Center,

    After i click on Composition Center i get the below error message - Error "A database error occured. Please go back and try again. If the problem persists please notify the administrator."

    Can anyone help me regarding this?

    Thursday 03 March, 2011
  • David Shih David Shih StreamServe Employee

    Composition Center the "Web Content Repository" database schema. Its settings are configured in your Control Center's Application Domain Editor; and it is created using Oracle daatabase scripts.

    Refer to the Control Center and Composition Center documentation, and possibly to the Database Guidelines for Oracle for more information.

    Triple-check that the settings in the Application Domain Editor are correct for the Oracle database schema, then update the domain information file to the StreamStudio instance. The errors in your streamstudio.log file suggest that your settings are incorrect. Pay particular attention to the Oracle database's Service Name; ask your DBA for a TNS file, if necessary.

    Thursday 03 March, 2011
  • Swati Ratput Swati Ratput

    i could find from the attached log files that several tables were missing in the database which did not get created hence i am working on creating the several tables and i have also attached the log files for more understanding of my issue.

    Friday 04 March, 2011
  • Swati Ratput Swati Ratput

    I have tried all the steps that is mentioned in the pdf file for creating Web Content Repository as mentioned in the control center pdf, but nothing is working for me, your help is required As Early As Possible. I have attached the ScreenShots_Settings.doc file which shows all the web content repository settings and database users and tables and StreamStudio_log_2011-03-04.txt which shows the error only for today,

    please go thru it and reply ASAP I am waiting for your response, i need to get this up and running

    Friday 04 March, 2011
  • Arie Regan Arie Regan StreamServe Employee

    Swati, this should more appropriately be handled via Customer Support.  Please update your existing case with the notes and files you have included here.

    Friday 04 March, 2011