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    PCL XL error

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  • Melker Eriksson Melker Eriksson StreamServe Employee
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    I get an error when trying to print to a HP 2025DN printer using the native PCL 6 driver from Persuasion SP5.

    PCL XL Error

    Subsystem: TEXT
    Error: FontNameAlreadyExists - Arial
    Operator: BeginFontHeader

    I am not using any font substitution table or anything. Just a plain pageOUT project with some Arial labels in it.

    As far as I understand, PCL XL is another name for PCL 6 (which the printer supports). For some reason, there seems to be a conflict with an already installed font on the printer.

    Any ideas how to solve this?



    Friday 11 February, 2011
  • Ronnie Wilhelmsen Ronnie Wilhelmsen StreamServe Employee

    Hi Melker,

    Try to remove the Arial font TTF references in the drs file (thus creating a custom driver) and use the printer font mapping at the bottom of the drs instead.


    Tuesday 19 April, 2011