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    StoryTellerSP5: Evaluate a cell or field value returns blank in script

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  • Roberto Avalos Roberto Avalos StreamServe Employee
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    I am working on a Table in Story Teller in which I use a repeater row to display content. All content is being displayed correctly, however I am trying to modify the font dynamically based on the value of text that is displayed.

    The problem I am facing is that I am trying to evaluate the content of the cell or field and decide what font to use. However the cell value or field is blank. I know they are blank because I am logging the values. However data is displayed correctly on the table.

    In other words, if the cell or field content is equals to, for example: "Previous Bill", then I make the font bolder or I just use  a different font. Changing the font is not a problem if I add a modification variable to the Font Property. This variable would contain the font name ($font). My problem is the that the field name &DESCR1_2 is always blank no matter if I add this script to the row, individual cell or repeater (before and after)

    Log (1, "BeforeDESCR1_2=" +  &DESCR1_2);
    Switch (&DESCR1_2)

            Case "Previous Bill":
            Case "Previous balance due immediately":

        Log (1, " font =" +  $font);




    Thursday 10 February, 2011
  • Best Answer
    Roberto Avalos Roberto Avalos StreamServe Employee

    Replaced &DESCR1_2 for StEvalXpath("DESCR1_2") and  worked :)

    Thursday 10 February, 2011
  • Tsen-Tiam Chu Tsen-Tiam Chu StreamServe Employee


    Yes it is because in StoryTeller you cant use field references. You have to use Xpath values to get to the right field wanted. So to evaluate a Xpath expression StoryTeller uses the function StEvalXpath ().

    Best Regards,


    Friday 11 February, 2011