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    Effect of change of field name in the event

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  • Naga Pradeep Bysani Naga Pradeep Bysani
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    Many of you might already know this. But, like to share if anyone missed it.

    I happened to change the field name in the event after creation of both event and process in the Streamserve project. It gave below error.

    1012 114318 (2590) 0 .\..\data\processes\test_PageOUT_statement.process(314): Fatal error: Event field not found:LT190

    To surmount this error, you need to just open the process, save it and export the project. It should work fine after redeploying the project in Control Center. In fact, my initial approach before knowing this was - deleting the field in the process and dropping it to the main window from the message view. Now, it is very easy.

    Please post any of such cases you encountered in your experience.

    Tuesday 12 October, 2010