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    Document type update error

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  • Sonia Velli Sonia Velli
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    I am working on a Persuasion project using metadata, a document type in order to manage them with Composition Center component. I have created two metadata, then exported and deployed my project. After that, I have changed their type, then exported and deployed my project again. But the export failed because of those changes.

    So I have deleted my metadata and created them again. Nevertheless, it does not work anymore. To solved this problem, I have tried to delete the metadata concerned on the database, but without success.

    How can I carry out to deploy my project please ?

    Thank you in advance.

    Friday 16 July, 2010

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    Sonia Velli Sonia Velli

    For information :

    As the support suggest me to get around the problem, I have deleted the related Document Type from Control Center : right click on the site > select "Document Types" > select the document > click on "Delete".

    I did not have find a better solution. But it works for me.


    Friday 23 July, 2010