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    TCP Port and Persuasion...

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  • Herve HOUILLONS Herve HOUILLONS Partner
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    Hi all,

    Just to inform you to have no "unpleasant surprise" during the use of Persuasion, it is necessary to reserve them at the level of the systeme!

    In fact, TCP ports used by StreamServer to connect all StreamServe DB are given by system... StreamServer applications needs lot of TCP port and if you did not make reservation, it's possible that some TCP port are used before you try to start some StreamServe Application as Service Gateway...

    For it (on Windows platform, you'll found in attachment a command file "update_tcp_list_windows.cmd" automaticaly upgrade your windows environment with values below) :
    * Edit file "%WINDIR%\system32\drivers\etc\services"
    * Insert values for each TCP Port you want to reserve. For example :
      strsgw           2718/tcp                           #StreamServe Service Gateway Primary
      strsgw           2719/tcp                           #StreamServe Service Gateway Secondary
      strsmgw         28000/tcp                         #StreamServe Service Management Gateway

    In the same way on unix/linux platforms, you have to upgrade appropriate file.

    Important: this can occur at ANY customer's for which one the Database (SQL or Oracle) is installed on the same computer as  StreamServe components !!! (I encounter this prblem yesterday on customer environment).

    The more there is of services StreamServe, more the chances of hang on this probleme increase....

    Maybe this "system" upgrade must be done during StreamServe setup (for management gateway) and during creation of Service Gateway application ?

    I hope this enhancement/information will help you.



    Thursday 01 July, 2010