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    How to delete a document wich failed to archive ?

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  • Sonia Velli Sonia Velli
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    I try to help someone who has the following error message using the Collector component, but I do not have experience on it. How can he find and delete the concerned document please with this ID ?

    0616 171456 (0035) 2 Archiver started (id=730D3925E0CA1ABEE0440003BA5E5581)
    0616 171456 (0039) 2 Archiver task "Continuous" created
    0616 171456 (0116) 2 Provider "archive"
    0616 171456 (0041) 2 Schedule "T II * * S 0 59 30"
    0616 171456 (0100) 2 Segment size 100
    0616 171456 (0045) 2 Timeout 300 (heartbeat 60)
    0616 171457 (0098) 2 Continuous: Document with id 7339D9BA82904781E0440003BAAC062B failed to archive
    0616 171457 (0120) 1 Continuous: Error unlocking document with id="7339D9BA82904781E0440003BAAC062B"

    Thanks in advance.


    Thursday 17 June, 2010
  • Best Answer
    Sonia Velli Sonia Velli

    StreamServe support told me :

    <quote>I think this sql query will do the trick for this particular document:
    UPDATE DocumentTransferStatus SET TransferStatus = -1,DocumentLockID=NULL WHERE PartID='7339D9BA82904781E0440003BAAC062B';</quote>

    Friday 18 June, 2010
  • Benjamin Baker Benjamin Baker StreamServe Employee

    Hi Sonia,

    Did the answer from StreamServe support solve your issue? It is not clear from the post here.

    Could you or StreamServe support find the actual cause of the lock in the database?

    Friday 18 June, 2010
  • Erika Biesse Erika Biesse StreamServe Employee


    this query stops the archiver from trying to archive this document. If the customer later should want to try again, the DB Admin Tool can be used to reset the document status for a new try.

    The cause for the document not being archived is not investigated in this case, but would have been useful to know.

    In general, I am not very fond of publishing sql statements here in this forum since they might be adapted to the situation and data at a particular customer and may cause problems for other customers, if used as is, or in a situation that does not entirely match the other customer's. Therefore I hereafter claim copyright on my sql statements!

    Kind regards,

    the sql query author.

    Friday 18 June, 2010
  • Sonia Velli Sonia Velli


    It's ok for me Erika. Indeed, it was a trick in this case.

    To answer to you Benjamin, the problem seems to be solved. But I don't know why the document failed to archive. I do not have informations in return.

    Thanks to have responded.

    Monday 21 June, 2010


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