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    Default rules in Composition Center

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  • Melker Eriksson Melker Eriksson StreamServe Employee
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    Is there a way to add a default rule to content in a CC section?

    Lets say you want a default text to be added in a section only when no other rules are set to true.




    Friday 28 May, 2010
  • Petrus Näslund Petrus Näslund

    At the moment, the only thing that I can think of is to set up an inverted rule for the default text. For instance, if text A should be displayed if "value X equals 1" and text b should be displayed if "value X equals 10", then set the default text for the section to display if "value X not equal to 1 AND value X not equal to 10".

    Of course, if you have many rules on a section this will be kind of cumbersome...


    Monday 31 May, 2010
  • Melker Eriksson Melker Eriksson StreamServe Employee

    Thanks, Petrus.



    Monday 31 May, 2010
  • Mikael Heimdahl Mikael Heimdahl

    I hope its planned for in the next SP to add this feature? Im setting up a demo for Composition Center and its very frustrating that I have to add the inverted rule to the default each time I add another optional text. Lets say I have a template for a letter and then choose which body text via a rule. If I have 100 diffrent letters I need 100 inverted rules on the default. All other tools I looked has a forced default rule for each section so it cant be omitted.

    Monday 06 December, 2010
  • Johan Steneby Johan Steneby StreamServe Employee

    Hi Mikael,

    I don't know if this is planned for a future release but it sounds like a good idea to post in the Ideas section


    Monday 06 December, 2010


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