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    area break in storyteller

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  • StreamZz Out StreamZz Out
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    I have a scenario where i get line items in one row and a number assiciated with that and few dash lines as per the number. If i get number and dash lines then i have to print the dash lines and then the next data should print in new page, if i don't get any dash lines and number then the line items should print one after other in same page


    I tried using area break but i'm not getting correct results like in my output even there are no dash lines ... the line items are printing in new page everytime

    my sample rdi:

    DISEG-MATNR 100000581 DISEG-CHARG 1234567 DISEG-LGORT 2000 DGV_MARA_EAN11 380659907135 DGV_MARC_ZZBISMT 8065990713 DMABDR-MAKTX WAVELIGHT EX500 EXCIMER (1416) DT064B-BTEXT Warehouse DT064T-STEXT Not yet counted DISEG-ERFME EA DS_T159L-SERPR 002 DSERIALNO1 __________________ DSERIALNO2 __________________ DSERIALNO3 __________________ DSERIALNO4 __________________ DSERIALNO1 __________________ DSERIALNO2 __________________ DSERIALNO3 __________________ DSERIALNO4 __________________

    6 days ago
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    Sai Kiran Sai Kiran

    If I have understood your requirement correctly. If there is No Sub Block, No AreaBreak. The attached project must help to achieve your goal.

    4 days ago
  • Sai Kiran Sai Kiran

    Find attachment

    4 days ago
  • StreamZz Out StreamZz Out

    Thanks Sai that worked

    3 days ago


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