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    Exstream 16.3 - Regarding issues with Retouch, Storyboard mobile devices preview, application log files configuration

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  • Bhavana Koteshwar Bhavana Koteshwar
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    Hi, We have below queries regarding 16.3 Exstream. please advise.

    1) in 5.6.2 which creating document definitions we used to select "Batch","Batch and adhoc" or "Adhoc". but now we dont have these kind of options while creating Themes. How do we differentiate between themes to be adhoc [or Retouch] or batch. 

    2) in Storyboard preview option we can see many devices now if we have to add some new mobile device then how to do it. is it possible to add it? please confirm.

    3) In 5.6.2 Design center we had option to select log levels for different layers and also we were able to give maximum size of log file like when it should generate new application log file. please advise how to do it in communication builder as we dont see option for log configuration at platform.

    Regards, Bhavana

    2 weeks ago