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    Creating Template for Composition Center without Story Teller

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  • Peter C Peter C
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    Currently I create a message, add a process (Story Teller) and define my template in story teller.

    As part of the story teller setup, I create sections which can then be used by composition center to add reesources (paragraphs) to the template.

    I wanted to know if it's possible to bypass the Story Teller alltogether. I would like, in my message to create some sort of blank template process and then be able to have full control of that template within composition center.

    So Basically Change from:

    Design Center -> Create Message -> Add Story Teller Process -> Customise in Composition Center


    Design Center -> Create Message -> Create Blank Process -> Completely design in Composition Center


    Is This possible?


    One week ago
  • Stefan Eklund Stefan Eklund StreamServe Employee

    Hi Peter,

    Sorry to say that what you are asking for isn't possible. The page definition needs to be managed by StoryTeller. Also the process in design center is needed to configure how the distributions is handled and processed. I know that r&d are working on making the webapps more powerful, and will add more design functionallity in them. You can also have a look at another process type, Template Engine. It can also be configured to handle section input from CompCent. But still it needs to be managed in design center, but the page composition is a lot different since it is code based and not layout based.


    One week ago