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    Tentant concept with a multi tier environment (dev - test - prod)

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  • Dennis Staiger Dennis Staiger
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    I am trying to understand how to set up a single tentant with a classic three tier architecture. The documentation only talks about one Exstream environment and not about a multi-tier setup. I want to be able to "transport/promote" solutions from development to test to production using the CAS.

    As I understand, I will need to following setup:


    • 1x Mulit-Tenant OTDS
    • 1x Tenant OTDS
    • 1x Exstream Dev with a DEV Domain
    • 1x Exstream Test with a TEST Domain
    • 1x Exstream Prod with a PROD Domain
    • 1x Tenant Repository for Common Asset Store (CAS), metadata and environment info (applications, domains, computers or hosts)
    • 1x Multi-Tenant Repository

    Where should the CAS live and how do I connect it all three environments? How about databases? Since I do not want to share statistics, runtime info etc. between the environments, I assume that I have to set up separate databases for each of the servers, right? As far as access goes, I would like to have developers accessing Dev and Test (deploying, starting/stopping applications etc.) but for production, only a separate infrastructure admin should have access to do those things. How would I have to set permissions / roles in OTDS? Going through the documenation on Exstream 16.3, I only find high level concepts and I am missing more specifics for such a three tier architecture. Any pointers and help appreciated! Thanks!


    One week ago