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    Generic Text driver (Printer) printout on custom paper size

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  • wei hong yeo wei hong yeo
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    Hi All,


    Currently my customer request to have fast printing while printing their documents. The only way I'm able to find out is to direct print from Stream Serve to generic print driver (printer). My problem is the document have custom paper size and i have no idea why it did not print based on my page out paper size setup. Anyone have any idea on this and how should i overcome this issues? Appreciate if anyone can assisit me on this.






    One week ago
  • Andreas Hjelle Andreas Hjelle

    Hi Yeo,

    You can set the paper size on the Streamserve connector driver, preferably in runtime settings with variables.

    The set up on the printer (driver and so on) on the print server will in most cases be overridden from Streamserve.



    One week ago


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