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    RDI stuck while processing in Streamserve production environment

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  • Kalyanji Chaudhary Kalyanji Chaudhary
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    I am trying to process large chunks of data in RDI format in Production environment. The job starts well and processes almost half of the RDIs and then gets stuck in between leaving half of the RDIs unprocessed. 

    But the same bulk RDIs are processed in preprod environment without any issue. The code deployed in both environments as well as the settings are same. I am not able to find what is causing this issue in production. 

    I am using Streamserve 5.6.0 build 618 32 bit and process used for these letters is page out.

    The bulk RDIs which I am using has 150 account in each RDI file. Is it something related to input queue or anything else?

    Please help.

    Thanks in Advance

    Thursday 28 September, 2017