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    Naming conventions

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  • Andrew Day Andrew Day
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    We have a problem with an invoicing application occasionally and for no apparent reason (at least according to the log file) stopping, and then when restarted processing only a few documents before stopping again.

    I have been checking the PageOUT Process scripts and noticed that there are some advanced text fields that have been given the same name as mapped Event fields, and some of the advanced text fields have script attahed.

    Also there are a few advanced text fields in different parts of the document that have the same name but different script attached.

    Can StreamServe cope with this confused situation or could it be the cause of our problems?


    Andrew Day

    Wednesday 20 September, 2017
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    Vyv Lomax Vyv Lomax Administrator

    Hi Andrew, these names are just labels imho so they should not matter.

    What is more interesting though is if you have been able to take a look at any dump files or profiler results.

    Some questons:

    • What version are you running?
    • Are the input files large in nature?
    • Can you re-create the error with a particular file?
    • Have you set the log level to maximum? (99)
    • Have you tried inserting log messages to find out where it fails?
    • Is your DB running smoothly with statistics updated regularily?
    • Is your system highly fragmented? (*nix / windows)?

    Hope this triggers some thoughts....


    Thursday 21 September, 2017