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    How to setup Correspondence Reviewer

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  • loke kk loke kk
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    I'm new on the Correspondence Reviewer.  I try to setup it into my existing VM but fail. My VM previous installed streamstudio and already have a service gateway.

    I followed the "Ad Hoc Correspondence and Correspondence Reviewer Administrator Guide" as below:-

    1. copy the war file (adhoc, reviewer and sssp) into aphache tomcat > webapps folder and it did extract all the file into each folder.

    2. I did create a new service gateway called "AdhocReviewerSG" and at Edit Application Domain > web services > on "second service gateway", I selected the "AdhocReviewerSG".

    3. Then i browse the reviewer link "http://localhost:8080/reviewer" and it fail to load the page.


    May I know what's the problem? is it I left out some steps?


    My StreamServe version is v5.5 


    Thank You.


    Best Regards,


    Monday 17 July, 2017