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    Disable lookback in RecordIn

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  • Heikki Jaakkola Heikki Jaakkola
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    I have one simple question. How do I disable lookback function in RecordIN? I know there's a keyword in FieldIN but there isn't one in RecordIN.

    The situtation is

    field1 field2 field3

    value1 value2 value3
    value3 value4
    value5 value6
    value7 value8 value9
    value10 value11

    The wsin file is like this

    Block 1
    field1 = value1, field2 = value2, field3=value3

    Block 2
    field2 = value3, field3=value4

    Block 3
    field1 = value7, field2 = value5, field3=value6

    Block 4
    field2 = value8, field3=value9

    Block 5
    field2 = value10, field3=value11


    Block 1, 2, 5 are correct but block 3 and 4 are wrong because field1 value goes to previous instance instead of going to the instance where it supposed to go.

    Wednesday 17 May, 2017
  • Vyv Lomax Vyv Lomax Administrator

    Hello Heikki,

    Have you considered filtering the data to ensure a constant and reliable structure? You can chose any tool to do the job. SED / AWK / PS / JAVA / PERL etc. 

    It may also mean a simplified event structure.

    Load up a sample if you need another pair of eyes to look at the issue.



    Wednesday 17 May, 2017


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