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    Creating a JSON file in 5.5.

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  • Luke Francis Luke Francis
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    We are doing an update to the data file our Purchase order project produces, so that it is more future proof.

    We are looking to create a JSON file, but I am running into issues getting the file to structure, especially when it comes to subsetting things like the the Buyer, seller and ship to addresses.

    Has anybody  else produced a JSON file, which process did you use to produce it, and how did you handle the data that needed to be be indented in. 

    2 weeks ago
  • Andreas Hjelle Andreas Hjelle


    JSON are text so you could either use StreamOUT (if you love that interface…) or simply build it in a function file or script. I prefer the latter for small files. Then use the desired connector, for instance HTTPsubmit.



    2 weeks ago
  • Vyv Lomax Vyv Lomax Administrator

    If your data is in XML then you could call an XML to JSON converter. Search online for such a tool.

    One week ago