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    How to display XMLIN fields in Status Messenger Output

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  • V Acharya V Acharya
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    Hi, In my project, I have: - a main message which has an XMLIN MessageIN Event and a StoryTeller Process (to create letters). - a status messenger message with StatMess_MultiMessage.sxd configured for MessageIN and a SoryTeller Process. The status messenger is working fine, I get the letter with the default fields defined in StatMess_MultiMessage.sxd like 'Status', 'IntJobID', 'Name', 'Message, 'ServerID', 'DateTime', 'JobSource', 'Type', 'LogID'. For better error reporting, as part of the status messenger output, I would like to display fields (like clientId, clientName and so on) from my XMLIN input file. I have not been able to set this up. Wondering if anyone can suggest possible solutions. Appreciate the help. Thanks in advance. I am using Design Center 5.6.2 Regards, Acharya

    Thursday 20 April, 2017