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    How do I call a restful webservice from within CCE16 to retrieve data for processing a message?

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  • Clint Redwood Clint Redwood
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    I'm using CCE16 and CS16, and I have a working webservice profile set up to enable the Content Server Filter to write documents to CS16.

    However, since I need to set up metadata for the created document, I need to query information from CS via a webservice, in order to get the content server ID for users rather than the name or username.

    I can't seem to find way of using the webservice profiles to call specfic APIs. There don't seem to be any script calls for this, nor can I find any webservice input/output devices.

    I also can't find any way of retrieving the profile information so I can use it to construct my own HTTP calls. I really don't want to have to store the same information in two places, risking them getting out of sync.

    Am I missing something fundemental here, or is there no way to use these profiles except the Content Server Filter?



    Tuesday 18 April, 2017
  • Rajkumar Aoutade Rajkumar Aoutade


    I think in CCE 16 you have to use CS filter to integrate it. If you see OpenText release has dropped ELS for StreamServe in new CCE 16. 

    good luck.


    rajkumar aoutade

    Tuesday 25 April, 2017