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    PDF not generated through Composition Center

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  • Bijayan Sarkar Bijayan Sarkar
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    I have added Resources in Document definition and set Rule for the same. The preview gives correct result.

    I am facing this issue while trying to generate PDF using Composition Center. PDF is not getting generated in the output folder.

    I couldn't find anything from log as well.

    Am i missing something?


    One week ago
  • Shashi Prakash Shashi Prakash

    Hi Bijayan, please look at the rule that you have set on the message. If rule is qualified your message should get trigerred.

    6 days ago
  • Shaik Mohammad Mukthiar Ahmed Shaik Mohammad Mukthiar Ahmed

    Hi Bijayan,

    please share me the error message coming in control center and streamstudion log.

    6 days ago