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    Problem with bringing tab into a txt output

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  • Ingo Fisch Ingo Fisch
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    Hello everyone,

    I try to get a txt file output from a ST process using the matrix printer as device in the output connector settings.

    For example:

    $test = "1234567890:" + "<09>" + "987654321";
    The output is:
    1234567       90: 987654321
    but - of course - I expect:
    1234567890:        987654321

    So, the tab appears on the 8th position, deletes the existing character and does not appear on the position I wanted it to.

    In PageOUT everything works fine.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you in advance.

    Edit: I am using 5.6.2

    Friday 17 March, 2017
  • Shaik Mohammad Mukthiar Ahmed Shaik Mohammad Mukthiar Ahmed

    Hi Ingo,

    Why can't use Streamout for .txt file output rather than ST.

    Monday 20 March, 2017
  • Tobias Schumann Tobias Schumann

    The problem has been already solved in another topic.

    Jon Jonsson wrote

    I had support from OpenText that solved the issue, here is the comment I received:

    ===== In general, StoryTeller is a device independent tool and it does not know on its own that it formats for the text output driver. It just generates output pages same as for example for PDF. It will take some extra work to setup the layout such that it would work with the matrix driver. Usually it requires placing the text object on a page to match the default matrix driver grid and use mono spaced font with corresponding metrics. The default matrix driver grid is 10CPI/6LPI. This is matched by font Courier New 12 points with paragraph line spacing set to exact value 12 pt. There may be some problems setting the CC settings such that it would generate output with 6LPI line spacing, but if you are going to generate one liners for SMS, that would probably not be that important. The other possibility is to use new unpaginated HTML driver and apply some XML transformation on the resulting stream to just extract the plain text. ===== My solution was extremly easy, I just used font 'Courier New' with 12 p when applying the text in Composition Center. Then the output is correct. BR Jon

    Monday 20 March, 2017