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    Separate Runtime Repositories or Single Runtime Repository

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  • sneha k sneha k
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    I have a scenario where 6nodes have been configured in Single Application domain in ControlCenter sharing the same runtime repository. And each node has 3 applications . 

    Is it better to have seperate application domain for seperate node or a single Application Domain for all the 6 nodes would be fine ? Which is the best practise and which would increase performance ? Will it have heavyload on database if a single runtime reposirtory is used by all the nodes ?

    Wednesday 08 March, 2017
  • Bijayan Sarkar Bijayan Sarkar

    Here is a suggestion.For Example

    • Single Enterprise Repository ("StrsSER") database (total)
    • Single Management Gateway (per server)
    • Three Runtime Repository ("StrsData1.1", "StrsData1.2", "StrsData1.3") databases
    • Three Application Domains (Dev1.1, Dev1.2, Dev1.3), each containing
      • StreamServer
      • Service Gateway (if required), running on different ports
      • Archiver
    • Three Collector Archive databases ("StrsArchiveDev1", "StrsArchiveDev2", "StrsArchiveDev3")
    • One StreamStudio (if required)
    Tuesday 14 March, 2017


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