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    Can we disable the context menu?

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  • Stefan Cohen Stefan Cohen StreamServe Employee Administrator
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    I suggest that the right click context menu (screen-shot provided) is either permanently disabled or possible to disable in the user profile. It interferes with browser-based spellcheckers, addons, etc.

    It is currently possible to disable it from the menu itself, but it seems to be tied to the user session, not the account, so it is enabled again the next time you visit the site.

    Saturday 27 February, 2010

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  • Henrik Wejdmark Henrik Wejdmark StreamServe Employee Administrator

    Does everyone have this context menu or only users with admin rights?

    Monday 01 March, 2010
  • Magtiel Jimenez Magtiel Jimenez

    Only users with edit and admin rights will see the menu.

    I found the menu very useful, instead of writing the URL when you want to switch mode.
    It can be disabled, but will appear when reloading the page, as Stefan said.


    Tuesday 02 March, 2010


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