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    Presenting image in AFP file

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  • Heikki Jaakkola Heikki Jaakkola
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    I need some help with AFP settings. I have logo which is in every page in my AFP file. I want the logo to be represented only once in the file since it is same in every page. Now it is presented as a new resource in every page for example S1R19190, S1R19192, S1R19193 etc.

    How do I have set up settings to achieve this?

    I've attached my afp settings.

    Monday 30 January, 2017

    Attached files

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    Heikki Jaakkola Heikki Jaakkola

    Christofer Lindqvist had solution for this. I had an external SSD file where the logo was located. I had to import that SSD to the resource set and use it from there. After that it presented the logo picture only once.

    Monday 30 January, 2017


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