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StreamShare is the place to chat about product issues, share ideas and tips, discuss best practices about your StreamServe usage. Learn from others about how they are using StreamServe solutions to improve business communications and the overall experience of their customers.
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We hope you will enjoy visiting StreamShare and that you will find interesting and useful information. As with any community site, your contributions are essential to the site’s success. We encourage you to post your thoughts, make your voice heard, ask questions and help others.  If you have a specific topic of interest where you have more information, we encourage you to post an article about it. You can also contribute by adding comments or voting for content which you find informative, thereby making it easier for other members to find useful information. By sharing your experience you will gain knowledge and perhaps meet new members  whom you can add to your personal network.

The Forum and Article sections are divided into three main areas;

Plan – If you are a Business/Process owner or Project Manager, you will find useful information in this section regarding the StreamServe portfolio. Here, you can read and discuss different project management strategies and business scenarios.
      - Project Management
      - Scenarios

Use – Focuses on how to use and administrate a StreamServe project already running in your business. This section includes information focused towards DBAs and Business and Operational Staff.
      - Administration 
      - User Applications

Configure – This is the place where StreamServe developers in the middle of a StreamServe project can find helpful information. Technical questions are discussed here.
      - Data & Design
      - Connectivity & Post Processing

FeedbackLast but not least, if you have any feedback on how to make StreamShare better please let us know by adding a topic in Feedback forum.


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