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1. Why did you create StreamShare?
StreamShare was created as an interactive, online community where StreamServe customers, partners and employees can meet and share ideas with each other and learn from these experiences. In addition, StreamShare enables our customers and partners to gain easier access to StreamServe product downloads, documentation, guidelines and news in the same context.

2. Who can participate on StreamShare?
Any StreamServe customer, partner or employee can participate in this online community. While no registration is necessary to read the posts that are contributed to StreamShare, you will be required to register on StreamShare to contribute content. To gain access to product downloads or documentation, you will be required to register for an account as well as have a valid support contract with StreamServe.

3. Are StreamServe employees participating in the StreamShare community?
Yes. In an effort to enhance communications between StreamServe customers, partners and employees, all StreamServe employees are encouraged to contribute to StreamShare. In doing so, we believe this environment will create a closer bond among participants and further improve upon the overall customer experience.
Please note: Since StreamServe employees are under non-disclosure agreements with customers, employees are not to disclose any customer names or information that may be perceived as competitive or private in nature.

4. How do I contribute to StreamShare?
Once you are registered, you can easily add brief comments to the site’s Comments and Forums sections. If you wish to share your knowledge and expertise in greater detail, you may contribute content on any area of interest pertaining to StreamServe to either the Articles or Blog sections on StreamShare.

5. Does it cost money to create a profile?
It is completely free to register and create your individual profile on StreamShare.

6. What can be discussed here?
Content posted to StreamShare should relate to StreamServe and your use of the company’s solutions. This could take the form of unique business cases, implementation details, ROI metrics, etc. On StreamShare, we encourage you to post questions, provide solutions and participate in discussions with fellow StreamServe users. There are a number of pre-defined content categories, and we will create more if needed to capture every aspect of StreamServe usage.

7. What should I do if I do not agree with a suggested approach presented at the community as the best approach?
There may be some issues and suggestions posted about StreamServe implementations with which you do not agree. In response to these posts, we encourage you to discuss your own experiences and best practices, so that the forum truly becomes a learning environment for all participants.

8. Is this where I'm supposed to go for support?
No. While StreamShare does present an environment where you can share your experiences, it is not meant to replace StreamServe’s support system. The best and fastest way of obtaining one-on-one assistance with StreamServe’s solutions is by contacting StreamServe Support directly here: support.streamserve.com (requires a valid support contract).

9. Where can I submit suggestions for StreamServe?
If your suggestion is related to StreamShare, please post it in the StreamShare feedback category in the forum. For suggestions related to StreamServe products/solutions, please contact StreamServe support here: support.streamserve.com (requires a valid support contract). StreamServe employees are encouraged to use the internal suggestions tool on the PM site until the public version is launched.

10. Help! I’ve forgotten my username/password for StreamShare. How do I log on?
You can login using the same login and password you normally use to access other StreamServe sites, such as Support System, Download Center and eLearning. By using your existing customer or partner account information, you will be granted full access to StreamShare’s Products and Downloads sections.

11. Can I update my personal settings (name, phone, profession, bio, photo)?
Yes. Once you login, go to the profile page (link located in upper right of page). Then click on the "settings" tab. Here you will be able to edit your personal information.

12. Where can I report bugs and provide general feedback about StreamShare?
Each page on StreamShare includes an orange Feedback tab on the left side. By clicking on this tab, you will be taken to the StreamShare Feedback page, where you may post your comments. Alternatively, you can reach this page by visiting: http://streamshare.streamserve.com/Forum/General/StreamShare-Feedback/.