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  • StreamServe 5.6.2 - New features

Tuesday 16 June, 2015 Written byAnna HimmerstålinDevelopment
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2.1 New Features

OpenText StreamServe 5.6.2 Cumulative Fix 1 includes the following new features.

Interactive Correspondence for Content Server (ICCS)

 Provides a native integration of StreamServe Ad Hoc Correspondence into Content Server Template Workspaces, which allows business users working in Content Server to create flexible, template based correspondence, interactively from their native Content Server working environment.

o Document templates can be synchronized and automatically classified in Content Server.

o Documents can be interactively edited where allowed, and new content added from pre-defined resources.

o Documents are rendered and produced using the centrally controllable StreamServe environment, yet the produced correspondence documents are stored and versioned as native Content Server documents.

o Document lifecycle support: As template content or business data changes, documents can be easily re-generated directly from Content Server, preserving previous changes where applicable, yet automatically applying new content, rules and business data.


PDF enhancements

 Attachment support and XMP metadata in the PDF driver including the ability to create ZugFerd documents.

 AES encryption:

o Possibility to encrypt PDFs with 256-bit encryption.


Data Transformation Test bench in StoryTeller

Greatly decreases startup and development and test times when using the data transformation that was introduced in 5.6.2.

AFP driver improvements for 4 byte Unicode

 Characters outside of Unicode first plane used in China and Japan now work for AFP.


Inline editing in Ad Hoc Correspondence

 Possibility to do limited editing of text fragments directly inline without opening the text editor for HTML-based documents.


Login (SSO) via OTDS for SSSP-based web applications

 If the customer uses OpenText Directory Services (OTDS) as a directory server, it is possible to get login restrictions to the SSSP-based web applications (Ad Hoc Correspondence, Correspondence Reviewer, and the Document Broker Query (DBQ) Tool).


Enhancements to Production Monitor and DBQ Tool

 Production Monitor is now released in 5.6.2 CF1. The application has been rebranded and the following enhancements have been made:

o Enabling to select any column in the Production Monitor view to be displayed in the tracking grid.

o Enabling the possibility to set/modify time out duration for a Production Monitor Session –the implementation is done via a property file.


 The DBQ application has been enhanced with:

o New filter object for the job ID when searching document with the ability to set range values.

o New default columns: JobID (JobSequenceNumber) DocID (DocSequenceNumber) Pages ExternalJobID (ExternalID)


Enhancements to Collector

 Export search results to disk as a ZIP file. Results are in XML format and the documents in the search results are also exported.


Improvements in statistics solutions

 Store statistics in a separate statistics repository also from multiple domains. Enables better building analytics solutions on top of this and keeps runtime cleaner from long-term data.


Synchronous Document Broker Plus

 Collect documents in a job and immediately process, with sorting capabilities and reintroducing functionalities that were present in the 32-bit version.


Language packs for 5.6.2


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