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Friday 02 January, 2015 Written byVyv LomaxinDevelopment
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Getting the balance right between 'ease of use' and 'function' needs to be settled and I hope we will all start to talk about it this year.

Too many newcomers and rationalised IT departments find it hard to work to get up and running with document tools and either make-do, put-up, hire in help, or just quit trying.

That's one part to it. The other is that seasoned programmers and infrastructure experts find the integration to document tools not rich enough.

The result? A mushroom shaped workforce in various countries, a gap forming, and heads looking around for alternatives. 

The truth is of course that all OM/EDP/CCM products have earned their position today by hard work in a competitive environment and StreamServe is one of the most tremendously fun solutions to work with. Yet tomorrow poses new challenges and with it new demands that must be met for survival.

The difficulty of providing 'function' without hanging yourself with its associated rope will always be around, yet some software manufacturers have managed to deliver just that. (REF: any killer smartphone app).

We need to have simpler functions, that do more for us in the background (that can be edited later), template projects that work straight away, free sample projects with selling designs, coding wizards, easy installations with fewer pre-requisites, composition center deployments that always work, etc.

If this issue is not fixed then another product / service will soon fill the gap as younger document developers will understandably turn their nose up to anything that baffles them and opt for the tool that does their work for them.

As always, your comments are most welcome.

I wish you fortune and fantastic documents for 2015.

Written by Vyv Lomax

Big thanks to the mystery developer who fixed StreamShare 2014 - you definitely deserve a big pat on your back whoever you are.

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