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  • OpenText - Enterprise World 2013 - The Enterprise Information Management Conference

Tuesday 08 October, 2013 Written byAnna HimmerstålinEvents
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Why Attend?

This year’s conference is about the Power of Information. How to discover, control, secure, and unleash it so that you can be remarkable – in your role, in your organization, and in your industry.

Why attend? Here are a few good reasons:

  1. Be remarkable. Be a Hero.
  2. See the future today.
  3. Be at the forefront of technological innovation.
  4. Excel at what you do.
  5. Increase the visibility of your brand.
  6. Become part of a global community.
  7. Unleash the power of your information.
  8. Share the passion.
  9. Be heard.
  10. Improve your return on investment.

Read more : http://opentext.cvent.com/events/enterprise-world-2013/event-summary-eab7d5e064c4482ca0d3862bc683a285.aspx

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