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  • StreamServe Persuasion SP5 Enhancement Pack 1 - pre-release information

Thursday 07 July, 2011 Written byBenjamin BakerinDevelopment
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G'day StreamShare community members,

With the upcoming Persuasion SP5 Enhancement Pack release due at the end of September I wanted to pass on some general information about what will be part of the release. Below I have split the release into general deliverables and categories and have provided a brief description of each item.

1. Engaging email

With the release of engaging email we will be improving the overall HTML and email support within the StreamServe product.

Engaging email has 4 main objectives:

  • Enhance the current HTML support to support newer HTML features
  • Provide the ability to use the same StoryTeller design for print and online (email)
  • Improve the SMTP connector. I.e. attachment handling, body content, security, etc, etc.
  • Provide a template engine for producing HTML output via StreamServer from HTML templates created outside of the StreamServe domain.

2. Compliant Document Archive

Integration with OpenText Archive and Content server applications via the Enterprise Library Services (ELS), thus extending StreamServe with document governance and compliance.

The following integration points will be supported:

  • ELS filter on output connector
  • An ELS provider on the StreamServe Archiver services

3. Document Broker Plus Enhancements and Document Broker Plus Query web application

The Document Broker Plus development for the Enhancement Pack has been dictated by customer and field feedback from the Persuasion SP5 release. The development will deliver the following items in the Enhancement Pack release:

  • Shared Document Broker Plus repository between several application domains
  • Detailed Web Service Software Development Kit (SDK) for Document Broker Plus WS
  • Extending Java notifications to the Post Processing job and sheet layout module
  • Improved handling of metadata updates during Post Processing job.

In conjunction with the Document Broker Plus enhancements, we will also be delivering the new Document Broker Plus Query web application that will allow users to create Document Broker Plus queries (DBQ). The DBQ will supersede the older PPQ language going forward with the Document Broker Plus product. Document Broker plus will though have backwards compatibility for PPQs that have already been created in previous StreamServe versions.

4. Secure Communication Channels

As we see further adoption of the OpenText StreamServe product by larger companies that are at a higher risk of security breaches, StreamServe has taken the decision to be pro-active and to ensure that the StreamServe product can always deliver any communication securely over a channel and that the solution as a whole is secure. Therefore we will be releasing in the upcoming Enhancement Pack as part of our ongoing efforts to ensure the integrity of any StreamServe installation the following items:

  • Secure Directory Server (LDAPS)
  • Secure FTP (FTPs and sFTP)
  • Secure mail (SMIME)

5. Enterprise Service Bus connectivity

StreamServe will be releasing new connectors for JMS and Websphere MQ message queues. The connectors will support the latest version of these applications.

6. Migration and Transport

Again due to great feedback from you our customers and the StreamServe field organization we have a great set of requirements around the topic of managing large and complex environments and the migration and transport process.

The requirements we have received have ranged from lifting StreamServe applications from one environment to another to general backup and recovery of environments.

Therefore, in this release we will be delivering the following items that we hope will help you manage your StreamServe environments and the change management process.

  • Improved batch publish features for Composition Center
  • Site and Application domain backup and recovery in Control Center
  • Site and Application replication/move/copy between environments within Control Center


We are planning to release 3 new language packs for the OpenText StreamServe product suite. These are:

  • Spanish (partial)
  • Portuguese (partial)
  • Japanese

** Partial localizations will include the following products and user documentation -StreamStudio, Ad hoc, Reviewer and StoryTeller


As part of our continual effort to improve our design applications, we will be delivering some new features in StoryTeller. Some noteworthy features to be release are:

  • Bi-directional support with a specific focus on the Arabic language.
  • StoryTeller search feature that allows a user to search for object with the StoryTeller design.

Core DB2 Support (StreamServer Only)

StreamServe will be adding support for IBM DB2 for the StreamServer only (Runtime and Enterprise repositories). Please note that StreamServe does not have any plans to deliver IBM DB2 support for the StreamServe web applications (StreamStudio, Composition Center, Collector, Ad hoc, Reviewer).

Other projects on the side.....

As you are probably well aware of there is always some development being done on the side to our main release.

Post OpenText acquisition our product management and development teams have been busy helping other OpenText products and teams realize the value of StreamServe and vice versa. This has lead to our first solution collaboration with the OpenText Transactional Content Processing (TCP) team, where StreamServe and TCP have now successful integrated StreamServe Ad hoc with the TCP workflow. This collaboration allows both StreamServe and the TCP teams to leverage both StreamServe's strength in streamlining document processes and empowering business user so they have direct control over their documents and TCP's workflow and case management abilities. Keep an eye out for this solution as it is released in the coming months.

On another front we have been pursuing a new application called Production Monitor. In short, Production Monitor is a new web application for managing Production Print environments. The application is built upon Persuasion SP5 and is integrated with Document Broker Plus and StreamStudio Administrator components.

There will be detailed information provide in the release documentation about each feature and the way it is used and implemented.

That's about it for the upcoming Persuasion SP5 Enhancement pack release due at the end of September. I hope you are looking forward to this release as much as I am.

Thank you.

Ben Baker

Comments (3)

  • Excellent news.....

    A quick question.... Will StoryTeller support popular non-page based html/email designs?

    Thursday 07 July, 2011 by Vyv Lomax
  • Yes Vyv. The users can use stories to create unpaginated html from the same templates that are normally used for paginated output. This means that you can have one process that can generate both paginated print streams and unpaginated html streams from the same layout configuration. Cool?



    Thursday 07 July, 2011 by Stefan Cohen
  • Oui c'est Cool.

    This will be able to produce long Email bodies, Web Pages and other components all hopefully with embedded script objects.

    I guess the real work will be in the design and linking to all other imaging / stylesheet framework components on the receiving / hosting system.

    This will be a great tool for integrating StreamServe customers with web design bureaus and the like.

    Roll on September!

    Friday 08 July, 2011 by Vyv Lomax


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