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Wednesday 23 February, 2011 Written byJohanna BergqvistinDevelopment
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As Karim has mentioned earlier in this blog section new Guideline Documents have been published for Persuasion SP5. For earlier versions there are also Guidelines and you find them under corresponding version in the Download section.

As of today there are five Guideline Documents for Persuasion SP5:

  • Database Guidelines for SQL Server
  • Database Guidelines for Oracle
  • Composer Guidelines
  • Hardware Guidelines
  • Cluster Guidelines

On the way is also Guidelines for CVS used with StreamServe and further down the road a Guideline about Performance (when and what is not yet decided).

So why is it not enough with the "normal" User Documentations, someone might ask. This is the answer I got from the Technical Writers that are producing the Guidelines:

  • The Guidelines are just a set of recommendation on how to use different part of the product. They are not always an absolute truth but more tips and suggestions.
  • In areas where we use third-party products (like databases and CVS) we place this information in Guidelines (without details on third-party setup and products) but in the CVS case including descriptions (also GUI descriptions) about how to configure CVS for use with StreamServe Products (i.e. Design Center).
  • Our OnLine Help serves as the knowledge base, where scenarios and background are explained and how to set things up in the GUI. Configuration outside of this, for example how to improve performance by editing configurations files ends up in the Guidelines.

If you haven’t yet looked at the Guideline Documents I strongly recommend you to do so. The Technical Writers Team has done a grand job in explaining useful scenarios for StreamServe users, developers and administrators.

This information is for example taken from the Database Guidelines.

And all of the Guidelines for SP5 are found here!

Comments (2)

  • The CVS Guidelines for SP5 have now been published and you find them amongst the others guidelines under Downloads.

    Thanks to the Technical Writers!

    Tuesday 22 March, 2011 by Johanna Bergqvist
  • Is it safe to assume that since there is no Design Center Guideline documentation for SP5 that the Design Center Guidelines released with SP4 remain valid? 

    Monday 17 October, 2011 by Arie Regan


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