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  • New Ideas

    We are now starting to do the detailed planning for the next major release of StreamServe and would like to get your input. We are closelly monitoring the Ideas section here on StreamShare, so take the opportunity to make yourself heard and vote on existing ideas that you would like to see implemented or post a new idea and make sure that it get enough votes to qualify for the release. Regards, Stefan Read more

  • My first test of the 64bit StreamServer

    OpenText StreamServe 5.6 will include both 32 and 64bit StreamServers for the first time. I just tried the 64bit Windows port and this is really cool.The main advantage of a 64bit environment is the ability to use much more memory compared to in a 32bit environment.  For a 32-bit application (process) launched in a 32-bit Windows, the total size of memory must not exceed 2 Gbytes. (Actually it is 1.75 GB due to memo... Read more

  • Sneak peek OpenText StreamServe 5.6

    I'm currently preparing an interesting presentation I will give during the Nordic Content Days in Stockholm. The presentation is scheduled for friday the 11:th of May at 14:00 and is titled: Sneak peek OpenText StreamServe 5.6 During this presentation, I will demo some of the highligt features of the upcoming 5.6 release that are currently in development including: The MS Word driver PDF signatures Integration... Read more

  • Another StreamServe Blog

    I would like to introduce you to another StreamServe blog over at our Customer Communication Management page on makeastatement.opentext.com. Jonathan Agger is regularly writing about the business values that our products provide. The following topics have been covered so far: Can your invoices be worth more than the number on the bottom line? Marketing Challenge # 1: Do more with less Marketing Challenge #2: Bui... Read more

  • Web Services

    Persuasion SP5 contained a fairly big set of web services exposed as both SOAP and Rest interfaces. These servises allows you to build your own applications and services on top of Persuasion. We released an SDK for v5.5 some time after the GA release. This SDK is available from OpenText Knowledge Center and it contains Documentation and samples for the following interfaces: WSDocument (Search and List Documents) ... Read more

  • Online Help

    As most of you allready know, the Persuasion Online Help system is now available from your browser. Persuasion SP5 users can simply press F1 and that will launch your default browser and display the help. If you want to access it directly, then the direct link is: http://onlinehelp.streamserve. com/5.5/en/wwhelp/wwhimpl/js/h tml/wwhelp.htm We have also just recently added a link directly from StreamShare that you c... Read more

  • Scripting in SP5

    Persuasion 5.5 contains a few important changes to the StreamServe scripting language. These changes have been made to improve readability, portability and performance of scripts. It was a while since we last did any major updates (besides adding built-in functions) to the StreamServe scripting language, so we hope that the following additions are appreciated. Local variablesAll variables have until now had a global ... Read more

  • StreamServe Hotfix Info

    Software development is tricky and we don't always get it right the first time. This is causing problems when the software doesn't behave as expected. To correct these problems, StreamServe ships hotfixes. A hotfix is a patch that can be applied to an existing StreamServe installation. We advice our customers to install the latest hotfix when available to avoid potential future issues. If you suspect that you have e... Read more

  • StreamServe Version 3x End of Life

    StreamServe 3.x has served us well over the years but it is soon time to retire it. 3.0 was first released over nine years ago in June 2001 and the latest update (3.0.1 SP3) was released in December 2003. Time goes by and we have shipped 21 product releases and service packs since v3.0 shipped. The EOL date is set to December 31 2010 so there is still time to upgrade for the few who are still on 3.x. We have been c... Read more

  • Request Articles

    The community has as of today produced 75 articles in a broad range of subjects such as: Project and Quality management Performance Administration Document Design Scripting System Integration We encourage the community to write and publish new articles here on StreamShare but we are also open to suggestions about topics that you would like to see an article about, so go ahead and use the comments below to ... Read more

  • SAP and StreamServe Signs Reseller Agreement

    SAP and StreamServe has signed a reseller agreement. Available today, SAP is reselling StreamServe’s solution under the name “the SAP® Document Presentment application by StreamServe.” The combined product is an SAP solution extension, where the StreamServe product is branded, sold, supported and maintained by SAP. It supports all SAP interfaces for output management and offers additional features for high volum... Read more

  • Products & Downloads

    Did you know that StreamShare contains a Products and a Downloads section? StreamShare members can easilly get access to these sections following the instructions below. The products and downloads sections on StreamShare are only available to StreamServe customers with a valid support contract. The Products section contains product information and news. The Downloads section contains product and documentation downlo... Read more

  • Persuasion SP5 (5.5) LA

    StreamServe Persuasion SP5 (5.5) LA is now available to LA customers and partners in our StreamServe Early Adopters Program. The purpose of the LA release is evaluation, testing and early development. It is not meant for production environments and hence the LA release cannot be sold to customers. Our back office systems will be updated for licensing Persuasion SP5 at the time of the GA release. We have created a d... Read more

  • Online Help

    Here’s something we’ve been waiting to announce for a while. The Persuasion help system is finally available online. The version currently available is for Persuasion SP5 LA but we think it is useful to users of earlier versions as well since much of the information applies to previous versions of the software. The new online help allows us to continuously and quickly update the help system to correct mistakes an... Read more

  • Votes

    Please help the community by voting The StreamShare community has a voting system. You can vote on articles or forum topics/replies that you like or find useful by pressing on the orange icon next to the content: You can not vote on your own content and you can only cast one vote on a particular piece of content. You will in either case see a gray icon if you are not able to vote:   Why should you vote? The ... Read more

  • StreamServe Persuasion SP4 R2 released

    StreamServe Persuasion SP4 R2 is now available for download from StreamServe Download Center and StreamShare Downloads.   Bugfixes All Persuasion SP4 hotfixes delivered up until Hotfix Build 671 are included in the SP4 R2 Setup. Hotfix documentation is available in the StreamServe Hotfix Info tool. The new SP4 R2 Setup is for new installations of StreamServe Persuasion. Applying the next official Hotfix Build af... Read more

  • InDepth Article Series

    Hi! I have started an article series that I call InDepth. I will try to explain how our product works internally on a rather technical level. I believe that this knowledge is essential to becoming a better project developer, consultant or user. I originally planned to start with an article series on scripting but I soon realized that I had to start by describing the StreamServer execution model to provide context. ... Read more

  • StreamServe and Adobe LiveCycle

    I get alot of questions regarding the relationship between StreamServe Persuasion and Adobe LiveCycle. Below is a short summary.   Introduction Adobe resells an OEM version of StreamServe Persuasion under the LiveCycle brand and with their own EULA (End User License Agreement). The product is called LiveCycle Production Print ES when sold by Adobe (abbreviated LCPP) . LCPP includes the StreamServe XFA Processor... Read more

  • Adobe LiveCycle Production Print ES2 shipped

    LiveCycle Production Print ES2 has shipped and is now available from Adobe. This release was built based on StreamServe Persuasion 5.4 and contains updates in the following areas: Support for XFA 3.1/LC Designer 9.0 The LCPP XFA processor supports the Inactive Presense option.  It behaves like the Hidden option but also excludes the object from calculations etc...The listen attribute for event propagation within a... Read more

  • New utility - StreamServe Document Comparison Tool

    Users are sometimes reluctant to upgrade to later versions of products. The reasons are many but fear of a long upgrading project and the risk of not spotting possible errors is one of the most common issues. StreamServe has developed a tool to address a specific part of this problem. We call this tool a "Document Comparison Tool" (or Strs DCT) and it can be used to automate the process of visually comparing two doc... Read more

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