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  • The OpenText EIM Day Benelux 2013 promisses to bring an exciting program. You are very welcome to join us again this year

    Before lunch the Business Transformation and EIM Innovations sessions provide insight in how OpenText helps customers improve their bussiness processes with our integrated set of EIM solutions. In the afternoon various break out sessions give an in depth overview of our EIM solutions. The latest StreamServe developments and integrations with other EIM products will be shown in the Customer Experience Management (CEM)... Read more

  • Thank you for this StreamShare year and don’t miss the recap about the StreamServe and SAP chat at Twitter!

    How can Document Presentment and Document Presentment Live bring value to your organization and what related news is there in the StreamServe 5.6 release? These questions can be found in the recap of last week’s StreamShare Twitterchat  here›.   In the chat some integrations with other OpenText solutions for StreamServe 5.6 for SAP where revealed, such as the one for OpenText Media Management – Digital Asset Managem... Read more

  • StreamServe & SAP live chat, Dec. 13th – don’t miss the last Twitterchat of the year!

    Are you using SAP and StreamServe or are wondering which values it could bring to your organization?   Then you should join the live-chat with OpenText StreamServe SAP experts from Product Management for SAP; Christian Askland  and Hendrik Mager and more. This is a unique possibility for you as a customer and partner to get the first hand information and have direct contact with our OpenText StreamServe experts. T... Read more

  • Finally - StreamServeNordicUserGroup, SURG - goes on a Nordic Tour!

    SURG goes on tour! This year the SURG conference will go on a Nordic tour where you will be able to join the event in Stockholm, Helsinki or Copenhagen. Meet like-minded, exchange knowledge and experience - at the same time as you will get the latest news about OpenText StreamServe. And of course we will reveal all the news in the StreamServe 5.6 release! Join one of the opportunities to learn how you can get the ... Read more

  • Chat about StoryTeller tomorrow at 3pm CET – don’t miss it!

    Product Management and other OpenText experts will be online to give you the latest update about StreamServe StoryTeller. And of course you will be able to ask you StoryTeller questions live at Twitter! Time: 15.00 CET, Thursday the 29th of November. Join by searching the #strschat hash tag at Twitter. Get to know the business value of using StoryTeller and of course you will be able to discuss the hot topic – what... Read more

  • What is e-invoicing and what was said about it in the StreamShare chat?

    Hi, Don’t miss to read the StreamShare-chat about e-invoicing at Storify here›. You will get to know what defines e-invoicing, how it works in practice and how it can function in an international perspective. The B2B and B2C scenario is mentioned in the chat, where the latter is working with the CTD functionality. On the Swedish market for example, the CTD functionality works as a certified intermediator when sendi... Read more

  • Chat about StreamServe e-invoicing tomorrow at 3pm CET – Make sure not to miss it!

    Take the chance to chat and ask questions to OpenText experts from Services and Pre-Sales and get to know all about StreamServe e-invoicing! Find out how e-invoicing have been implemented for other customers and how it can enhance your organization’s invoicing for both Business to Business and Business to Consumer invoices. Q1: How does OpenText define StreamServe e-invoicing? Q2: How do you all use e-invoicing ... Read more

  • What was said about Web Services in the in the live chat last week?

    Hello, The summary of last week’s chat about StreamServe Web Services with OpenText Professional Services is now available at Storify. Click the link and get to know which Web Services that is available for StreamServe today and what other users think should be developed in the future. For example there is an existing Web Service that can be used “in a C# program to extract documents from a particular market to all... Read more

  • Join the Professional Service Twitter live-chat tomorrow about Web Services!

    Chat live with Professional Service (previously known as Global Service) tomorrow about Web Services! Get to know how Web Services have been used taking StreamServe to the next level. Maybe you have your own example to share or a wish list of future Web Services?     The questions below will be discussed during the chat Q1: Which Web Service interfaces are you using? Any that you are missing? Q2: From which syste... Read more

  • Correspondence Management: What your parents never told you

    You can teach old dogs (or parents) new tricks! There’s no doubt; the Internet has fundamentally shifted the way we communicate with one another. With the exception of a thank you note, not even my parents write letters any more. They send emails to friends, Skype with their children and are even texting with their grandchildren. Sure it wasn’t for them at easy at first, but in the words of my in-laws, ‘it’s the onl... Read more

  • Did you miss the chat about StreamServe integrations?

    Hi all, If you missed the chat you can still get the recap here on Storify› Last week’s StreamShare chat where about StreamServe integration with other OpenText solutions. Product Management presented which integrations that are available today. Amongst other things it was revealed that StreamServe 5.6 will have possibilities for integration with OpenText Media Management and with OpenText BPM solutions. The integ... Read more

  • Join tomorrow’s live-chat about StreamServe integration with other OpenText solutions!

    Take this great opportunity to chat live with OpenText experts in a Twitterjam session about StreamServe integration with other OpenText solutions. Join and get to know all about the integration with OpenText Content Server, Media Management, BPM solutions and other planned integrations. You will be able to ask questions directly to Product Management, Pre Sale, Support and Global Services. We would also like to hea... Read more

  • Don't miss the first live chat with R&D on Thursday!

    Take this great opportunity to join a live chat in a Twitterjam session about the new 5.6 release of OpenText StreamServe. Join and you will be able to ask all your questions about the new release directly to R&D and Product Management!  If just feeling curious, you can also follow the chat conversation and still get some valuable insight!  Get to know what’s in the new release and be able to tell what You want to ... Read more

  • Come and meet us at Enterprise World 2012!

    Dear StreamShare members, We are very proud to share OpenText Enterprise World 2012 with you! Previously known as Content World, Enterprise World 2012 offers a great opportunity to learn how content management can bring value to you and your organization. Discover how your OpenText solution can continue to solve challenges related to information management. This is the event where the whole spectra of Enterprise In... Read more

  • OpenText Nordic - new website

    I know that there are quite a few StreamShare members from the Nordic region so I'd like to present our brand new website for OpenText Nordic! The site is focused on local contact information and events, and also presents some of the key offerings and product areas within the Nordic region. I hope you will check it out and share the link to anyone interested in a high level view of OpenText, Enterprise Information ... Read more

  • Content Day Nordic 2012

    I'm very happy to announce OpenText Content Day Nordic 2012! Date:   May 10 & 11Venue: Courtyard Marriott, Stockholm Content Day Nordic 2012 is actually a two day event. May 10 is the main conference day. It will provide you with inspiration, knowledge and shared experience. This is when you get the latest updates on the ECM market and OpenText’s vision and strategy for the future. There will be both keynote presen... Read more

  • SURG Nordic Customer Conference in Stockholm, Nov 9

    Please mark Nov 9 in your calendar for the SURG Customer Conference. SURG, the StreamServe Nordic User Group, will host a full day of presentations and conversations, providing you an excellent opportunity to find out how your business can improve further with StreamServe. Why join? You will learn about the StreamServe product and how it fits within the OpenText ECM Suite. We will guide you to some of the ways you... Read more

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