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  • Lawson M3 Output Solution Webinar

    A webinar on Lawson M3 Output Solution is coming up on Tuesday 21 June @10.30 AM CET.  Join in to learn more about the Lawson M3/Streamserve connectivity and meet R&D-experts who will answer your questions in this live session. Register here: http://www.streamserve.com/Ser vices/Training/Webinar-Registr ation/ The webinar will be recorded and made available on http://www.streamservelearning .com/ Read more

  • SP5 Roadshow

    SP5 RoadshowWith the new release of SP5 coming up, we've introduced a roadshow presented by StreamServe Learning where Martin Vogel (Global Solution Architect) and other experts can teach you the latest and the greatest of SP5. This 2-day session is primarily focussed on technical StreamServe professionals, but business users are very welcome to join the first morning as well. Consult your regional Training Center fo... Read more

  • Many webinars this week!

    Summer is pretty much over and in the last couple weeks we’ve started up delivering webinars again.  So we’ve got recordings but this week in particular there are quite a few LIVE sessions scheduled! Trainers are predominantly Martin Vogel and Robert Smith. For more information see www.streamservelearning.com Join us and Learn more to Get more! Read more

  • By popular demand: Webinars!

    Since the introduction of E-Learning, the demand for webinars has increased. We have recorded most sessions, for you to listen to and learn from. If you login to streamservelearning.com and enroll in a course, you can instantly benefit from previously recorded sessions. In addition, access our Webinar Archive for discounted recorded stand-alone sessions! In August and September (see below) we will organize additiona... Read more

  • Learn more and directly from the expert

    In addition to our regional training offering, experts have been delivering Live Video Sessions to students of our e-learning courses. Topics vary greatly and provide learners with high-level knowledge and the ability to interact with the expert. Experts are leading global specialists who have implemented large projects, or helped design and develop StreamServe products. So get the latest information, ask the expert... Read more

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