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  • Known issue with Adobe Reader X and web browser embedded PDF's

    There is a knows issue with opening PDF document embedded in e.g. web browser IE8 with Adobe Acrobat X (v10) and Reader X. One example is when running preview in Composition Center the document turns out like a black page. Please see attached screen dump. However, the StreamServe produced PDF documents open well with same version of Acrobat as stand-alone documents.  When experiencing the embedded PDF issue we stro... Read more

  • SP5 - Summary of fonts and scripts used in StoryTeller

    When working with StoryTeller and perhaps also Composition Center it is not always easy to find out what fonts are used in the document and if the project requires a fontmapping table on the platform device driver settings. From within the StoryTeller process select the View > Panels > Used fonts / Used Scripts and the panels will default appear on the StoryTeller right-hand side. Read more

  • Migrating databases into SP5

    When migrating into SP5 we strongly recommend exporting and importing the databases with the latest official Database Administration Tool - DBAT. Please download it from http://download.streamserve.co m > StreamServe Releases > StreamServe Persuasion SP5 > Database Administration Tool. The current official build of DBAT is 1.4.0 GA build 639 and will replace the version of the DBAT included in the SP5 GA release 977 ... Read more

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