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  • Support - StreamStudio and Apache Tomcat memory problems

    We do get a few questions / reports about memory problems with Tomcat.  Most of these are simple "Out of memory" errors but some are related to other items such as something called Permgen. There is an article here that describes how to handle out of memory issues with Tomcat quite well.  But just to get to the relevant bits for StreamStudio.  The error that may appear in the StreamStudio may say: "java.lang.OutOfMem... Read more

  • Support - FAQs, fixes, problems and other bits and pieces

    Let me start with a brief introduction of who I am.  My name is Johan Steneby. I have worked for StreamServe since November 2004 and all the time in support.  I will try to share a little bit about some of the issues that we are asked about in support and some useful technical information that we are asked about a lot.  Some of the things are just general trouble shooting tips but they should hopefully be able to hel... Read more

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