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  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed (not so live) - Project has now been LIVE for awhile

      Hi, After a long parental leave my colleuages and the customer has done a great work and the project has been LIVE since early this year. I would say it was a successful project though there have been some bumps in the road, as in every project. We now have great looking color documents that prints two times a week. Good luck with your projects out there and follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn. // Ola Hellgren ... Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed - Cross Sales Print Problem SOLVED

    The print problem is now solved. The vendor created what they call a “black box solution” to this problem. I'm not sure what it means, but the good thing is that printing now works in duplex. Technical background When having a AFP file the IMM (in this case a duplex command) just needs to be issued once and then again if the "plex" change. When the vendor splits the stream they just have the duplex command on the fi... Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed - Cross Sales Print Problem

    The "cross sale" AFP print file has been created and sent to the print vendor. Unfortunately their split of the file corrupts the duplex command, so they can't print it. They are working on a solution or to print the file without splitting it, hopefully it will happen today. Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed - Cross Sales

    We're still waiting on the first live run through the StreamServe solution for the original project. In the meantime the customer has taken the decision to run cross sales letters through StreamServe since it will work as a pilot and also enable marketing messages to be added to the letters. The StreamServe solution will also make these cross sales letters print in color. Technically the changes made, to fit these ... Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed – Go-Live

    Last Thursday the project was scheduled to go live. We made the date but nothing has been run through StreamServe yet. We still have some dependencies from other systems. We still have some residual work to do since the scope has expanded somewhat and when documents really start to be processed through StreamServe we will run StreamServe in parallel with the old solution to ensure delivery to customer. We will hope... Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed – Slow feed

    Hi, I'm aware of that the flow of news on this event has been kind of slow, I'm truly sorry for that. The date of Go-Live has been postponed a little further to March 29th, due to the rigorous testing that has been done. Some new specifications have brought up and a professional test team on-site doing the tests has been a very good asset to have. Without them, we would probably have missed some of these issues. A ... Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed – TEST phase has begun

    A lot has happened since last time. The customer has now entered several hundred text resources into Composition Center. They preview and change them continuously. The test phase has begun. Unfortunately due to shortage in resources the project Go-Live has been postponed to February 15th. We will still continue working on the project but with fewer resources. Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed - Getting the test environment up and running

    Since the Go-Live date is coming up in the middle of December we need to set the TEST-environment up for the testers to start testing. Along with the environment setup, we have also received new XML-schemas; it's now full throttle to get everything done during the week. Hopefully we'll make it. One of the larger issues is that previewing from CompositionCenter is not working at the moment. According to our support a... Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed - Back from parent leave

    Hi, It was some time ago I wrote here. I've been away almost 4 weeks from work. I got a baby boy in September, that's why. A lot of things has happened in the project since the last time. We now have to go live over 1 month earlier than expected. Hopefully we'll manage, everybody here is on their toes now to get a good solution working as fast as possible. Se you again soon! Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed - Project Review - A turn for a better solution

    Yesterday was an interesting day at the customer. It all started out with a simple workshop about CompositionCenter. During this workshop the understanding on how documents are built changed for all of us and we realized that the current document creation process might not be the best way for the customer. We ended up changing things and yesterday we prepared a POC for the customer on the new improved way to fit the... Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed - Back to business

    Hi, Now it was quite a while since the last post. People are returning from vacation and next week the project will start again. A couple of posts ago I got an inquiry to inform more about the environments and the software deployment, so I'll try to shed some light here.   Environments DEV Every developer has their own VMImage (Win7, not connected to domain), on which StreamServe and Visual Studio (to enable con... Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed - Vacations

    Hi, Right now everybody, except me, are on vacation. I will try to get in some posts about the project for you reading this to get to know more what we have done on the project. Stefan had some question when I put in my last blog post that I'll try to answer that next week. If you want to know anything more, just ask here on the blog. Have a great weekend! Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed - The project continues

    Hi, After a visit to Finland for some work, I’m now back on SalusAnsvar’s project. The SalusAnsvar project kicked off in March with the first project meeting. In the beginning, we put in very few hours (40 hours in 3 months) to set up the criteria for the XML from the sending system and to decide upon a StreamServe project structure that fits with the versioning system being used; Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server... Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed - Customer disclosed

    Hi,Though I am not onsite at the customer’s today (since I am only there 2 to 3 times a week), I will now disclose the customer and field of business they’re in, as promised before:  The customer is SalusAnsvar (https://www.salusansvar.se/), a Swedish insurance broker company that is part of DnB NOR Sweden (https://www.dnbnor.se/?LA=EN) . StreamServe’s task is to assist SalusAnsvar in creating a document output work... Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed - Virus strikes the project

    Hi, Sorry for the delay of this post. Both me and the customer’s project manager has been home with a cold for the last two days. This is something we have to handle in the project, but right now it does not seem like a big issue since we only lost 16 hours of work from our side and looking at the calendar we are fortunate enough to be able to put in these hours at a later time. In the next post I will disclose the... Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed - STARTED

    Hi, Now it's time to for me start blogging. The blog will act as a delayed live feed on whats going on during a StreamServe implementation at one of our customers. Some short information about me I have worked with implementations of StreamServe project for more than 3 years at this point in time. The customers I've worked for have ranged from small customers using version 3 up to StreamServe's largest customers u... Read more

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