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  • After a year..

    After a year of challenges, collaboration, meeting new and “old” people, promoting StreamShare externally and internally, and most of all a lot of fun it is time for me to move on and leave the Community Manager role. I will however not leave the StreamServe Community but still make use of this fine platform of knowledge exchange that StreamShare has become.  For me the most exciting part this last year has been the... Read more

  • Happy 1st Anniversary!

    StreamShare celebrates its first anniversary! It was made available internally to staff for testing December 2009 and the official launch followed on April 21st, the year after. We have come a long way since then. Over 1 400 published questions, 122 articles, 63 ideas, thousands of comments, and hundreds of contributors later, we find ourselves in the middle of many talented volunteers who help us and keep the site ... Read more

  • Customer stories – Banking

    Jessica Sundström started out last November to introduce customer stories from different industries. First out was Utilities – read more about them here. We will now continue with customer stories from the Banking sector. Read about different challenges that some of our customers have been facing and how they solved it. Do you want to share your story and tell us about your StreamServe implementation? What challenge... Read more

  • 4.x vs Persuasion

    Do you know what distinguishes version 4.x from Persuasion? There is in fact quite a lot of new functionality that has been added in the newer releases. Take a look at this comparison: There are many benefits for the company to upgrade to Persuasion. Looking from the Business perspective Persuasion (and especially SP5) has made it far simpler and much more powerful to have direct control over customer communicati... Read more

  • Network problems solved

    We have had network problems and our public web servers (streamshare.streamserve.com, www.streamserve.com , download.streamserve.com) have been down for some time. It is all fixed now and everything works fine again. We apologize for any inconvenience! Read more

  • Keep sharing your ideas with us!

    Many have taken the opportunity to share their ideas about functionality that they think should be included in the StreamServe product suite. It is interesting reading how our “toolbox” is actually used at customers’ sites. If you haven’t had a look at the Ideas section yet I recommend that you do and use your vote to get your voice and wish heard. As you will see some ideas have a broader scope; like Ola Hellgren’s ... Read more

  • Support telephone line is working again.

    Welcome with your call or visit our Support site to place a query. Thanks! Read more

  • StreamServe Support telephone number is not working - 18 jan 2011.

    We are having network problems and cannot take your support call right now. Please, place your question on support.streamserve.com instead. Thanks for your understanding. Read more

  • SP5 workshop in Stockholm 18-19 of January

    Do you want to learn more about new features and functionality in SP5? Don’t miss this opportunity to join in on a two-day workshop with Martin Vogel, one of our Global Solution Architects.  This session is primarily technically oriented and you will learn the theory as well as get hands on training. The following areas will be covered: Story Teller AdHoc and Reviewer Composition Center Document Broker Plus J... Read more


    StreamShare was launched back in April and we didn’t really know what to expect even though we believed strongly in the concept of a StreamServe Community.  Now, 9 month later we are 2231 members, there are a lot of interesting articles that members have published, a forum where questions are being asked and answered all around the clock, the blog section where news and latest updates about community, products and co... Read more

  • Maintenance work on StreamShare

    StreamShare will be down this afternoon; 21st of Dec, for some time due to some work on upgrading the StreamShare platform. We ask for your patience and we will be back on track shortly. /johanna Read more

  • Subscribe to New Blog-spots!

    Erik Persson in our IT department has made it possible to subscribe to the whole Blog section – big thanks, Erik! Make sure you go to the start page of Blogs and click the subscribe button to the right and get an e-mail when a new blog-spot has been posted. You will keep up to date with both new StreamShare functionality as well as product and business news from StreamServe. An easy way to keep updated!The Blog-spots... Read more

  • StreamShare with more than 2000 members!

    The 2000 member goal was reached and exceeded last week. Our 2000nd member to sign up was Hank Elderhorst from the Netherlands – Welcome to the Community! Henk is not alone; we see a lot of new members from Germany, Netherland, France and other countries in Europe at the moment. This is the great benefit of working in an international company, to be able to network and interact with people from other countries. Many... Read more

  • More functionality on StreamShare

    I would like to highlight a few new features on StreamShare. Our IT department led by Magtiel are working very hard to add new functionality to the site. We appreciate all the feedback that we get in the Forum and try to implement your ideas in the Community. As you probably have seen the starting page is redone to make space for Latest Ideas. One feedback that was received was to have more Forum topics on the first... Read more

  • StreamShare – Best Website B2B!

    StreamShare won “Best Website targeted for business and organizations (B2B)” on EPiServer Awards 2010 Sweden today! Great bit THANKS to all members of StreamShare that made this happen! Jessica Sundström, Magtiel Jimenez and Johanna Bergqvist from StreamServe received the Award at Berns Salonger in Stockholm. The text on the prize says:StreamShare is a meeting place for all users of StreamServe's products and sol... Read more

  • StreamShare nominated for “Best Website B2B” on EPiServer Awards Sweden 2010

    The EPiServer Awards honors successful and inspiring projects, websites and technical solutions based on EPiServer platforms. The Websites competing have all been released the past 18 months.  Out of 83 contributions StreamShare has been nominated in the category for Best Website targeted for business and organizations (B2B). StreamServe are competing together with Circuit, who has been involved in the development of... Read more

  • Share your Ideas!

    StreamShare Ideas gives our customers a platform to share ideas and discuss solutions for the StreamServe product suite, an avenue for collaborations amongst customers and StreamServe.  Our ambition is to get our customers, partners and internal staff involved in the new functionality that will be included in future StreamServe releases. As a StreamShare member you can submit your StreamServe ideas and follow them t... Read more

  • StreamShare Ideas will be released today!

    The installation is planned for at 13.00 CET today and the site will be down for some minutes. As I wrote in the beginning of the fall we have been developing a function on StreamShare that we call StreamShare Ideas. You will find the Ideas on its own tab right next to “Downloads”. On the starting-page you will also find the most recent ideas to keep you updated. StreamShare Ideas will enable you, as a StreamShare ... Read more

  • Who's online?

    Anders Ademark at our IT department just finished one new piece of functionality for StreamShare – it is now possible to view who is online! It will make it easier to collaborate with other members and perhaps you will meet new members to add to your personal network. You find the Members Currently Online as the starting view when clicking the View All Members –link. Also note that you are now able to search for mem... Read more

  • Benelux Customer Days – "The Big Five" – 14th of October

    On October 14, 2010 StreamServe will be hosting the Benelux Customer Day for the 5th time. We are also celebrating our 12.5 year anniversary. The program will again be very appealing. Trend Watcher as guest speaker                                                            Our guest speaker this year is trend watcher Adjiedj Bakas, known for his sharp eye for trends. Many TV shows have invited Adjiedj to talk abou... Read more

  • View all StreamShare members!

    Did you see the new functionality just released on StreamShare? You find the link under top contributors on the first page. It is a list of all registered members of StreamShare. As you can see they are sorted by last name and you easily find a specific member by selecting the first letter in their last name and scrolling down. Click the member’s name and you will get to the profile page. View the complete profile... Read more

  • New CTO at StreamServe

    In July this year Laurence O’Hagan joined StreamServe as the new Chief Technology Officer. In this role, Laurence will be responsible for driving the strategic vision and planning behind StreamServe’s solutions, product development and technical support.  Laurence has a long history in the automated documents business and brings a tremendous amount of senior technical experience and visionary leadership to StreamSer... Read more

  • Write an article!

    Share your knowledge by writing an article and publish it on StreamShare. The article section is open to all members and we encourage everyone to contribute – large or small topics, technical or non-technical content are all welcome as long as they are StreamServe related. The article section, as well as the forum section, is divided into subcategories to make it easier to find relevant information. Our three main... Read more

  • Idea-Box and Member View

    As I wrote in the beginning of the summer we will develop an Idea-Box for StreamServe functionality. If you run into something that is not possible to do with StreamServe today you will be able to submit ideas on how to implement it in future releases. You will also be able to give feedback to ideas that others have submitted, vote on solutions as well as follow an idea from being accepted till it is implemented in t... Read more

  • Idea-box for StreamServe functionality

    Beginning of August we are starting the development of an “idea-box” on StreamShare for StreamServe functionality and solutions. We want our customers, partners and internal staff to be involved in what new functionality to include in future StreamServe releases. As a member of StreamShare it will be possible to contribute with ideas about small or larger features that you would like to see in the product. You will a... Read more


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