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  • How can you benefit from a Media Management solution if you already have StreamServe?

    That is the question I will try to answer with this blog. Let me start by a short summary of current situation and some of the challenges we see in managing digital assets. Current Situation: Every year we are more than doubling the amount of information created. A large amount of the information created is in the form of digital assets such as images, movies, sound files, catalogs and so on. This creates large p... Read more

  • What what discussed in the live chat with R&D?

    Last Thursday StreamShare hosted an exciting live-chat at Twitter for our StreamServe users. On the chat R&D and Product Management where answering questions about the new 5.6 OpenText StreamServe release. Thanks to all that participated and a special thanks to R&D and Product Management. We hope you found it useful. One new feature that attracted a lot of attention was the MS Word driver which enables you to creat... Read more

  • StreamShare Statistics - We have more than 11500(!) replies in the forum

    Forum posts Now we have a total of 3304 topics and 11580 replies in the StreamShare Community. 96% of the forum topics have a reply and 43% of the posts have Best Answer selected. Almost all posts have a reply which is fantastic! Even though only 43% of the topics have a Best Answer selected, we are convinced that a lot more topic replies have helped you on your way to find the right answer. Therefore we encourage... Read more

  • Want the possibility to chat with R&D and GS?

    During the autumn we will run a series of blogs covering different topics, these blogs will be followed up by a Twitter chat session where you get the opportunity to have a live discussion with OpenText employees such as R&D and Services well as other customers and partners. What is a Twitter chat?A Twitter chat gives you the possibility to discuss a certain topic, using a specific hashtag, with other people at a sp... Read more

  • New search released today

    Today our new search was released on StreamShare. I hope it will meet your requirements and that you will find it a lot easier to find what you are looking for. As written in previous blog post the new search is using the OpenText Semantic Navigation technology which provides you with highly relevant search results. You can now filter results on type of result you want to see, forum posts, articles, blogs and/or id... Read more

  • New search for StreamShare

    Since StreamShare is quickly filling up with a lot of information we have noticed the problem of finding the right information. Either you get the wrong result or you get too many results. This problem will be solved shortly! We will be releasing a new search engine for StreamShare shortly that makes it easier to find what you are looking for. The new search functionality is using the OpenText Semantic Navigation t... Read more

  • OpenText Content Day Benelux 2012

    On behalf of our Dutch organisation… Dear StreamServe relations, Following the further integration of StreamServe with OpenText, the OpenText Content Day Benelux 2012 is an excellent means to become further acquainted with OpenText. There will be both keynote presentations and break-out sessions, allowing you to create a program for the day with a mix of visionary, practical and educational content. In the break-ou... Read more

  • Need some inspiration from customer stories and experts or perhaps curious about the StreamServe roadmap?

    Hi, Take the opportunity to meet OpenText experts to discuss different solutions. At the Nordic Content Days 10-11 May in Stockholm, there will be plenty of experts from different focus areas to discuss different solutions with. Day 1 will be full of exiting presentations ranging from OpenText vision and product strategy to ECM suite walkthrough and Microsoft SharePoint integration. You will also get the opportun... Read more

  • Shape up!

    Now it’s time to shape up! All of us in the community are responsible to make sure that the quality of the community remains. I have received a lot of complaints from community members that spend a lot of their time answering questions and helping out. They deserve a thank you and some closure. Looking through the forum I’ve summarized the following. For the 3 most popular forum rooms there are in total 2406 forum t... Read more

  • New hotfix release!

    Hi, Hotfix build 1450 has been released and is now available on https://knowledge.opentext.com /. OpenText Knowledge Center requires login. If you have a StreamServe Support contract you should have received an e-mail welcoming you to OpenText Customer Support with login credentials to the OpenText Knowledge Center (KC). If you did not receive an e-mail with a login to KC, please send an e-mail to uk-support@opentex... Read more

  • Ideas competition follow-up

    This autumn we had a competition on who posted the idea that got the most votes. We had two winners Online Log File Analyzer by Vyv Lomax Using styles to create ‘multi-label’ documents easier by Pieter Romijn. After speaking to R&D I learned that the Idea from Vyv is being discussed how the idea might be implemented. R&D has a couple of suggestions on how this can be done. Writing a log file analyzing tool mig... Read more

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Thank you for this year and thanks for your efforts building the StreamShare community stronger and more valuable for everyone. There have been quite a few discussions during this year; we have reached more than 2300 forum topics. Storyteller has been discussed quite a lot, which is good since it’s a rather new product and a lot of people has questions about it. Otherwise the discussions are quite spread out and inv... Read more

  • Subscribe to new Ideas

    We have now added the possibility to subscribe to new ideas. Select the Ideas tab and use the subscribe button to get an email notification when a new idea is posted. We will continuously do both small and larger improvements to StreamShare. Next task is to have a look at the search capabilities. Please feel free to express YOUR opinion. Have a nice week-end! Cheers,Maria Read more

  • UK Customer Conference in London, Dec 7

    Please make sure to book the Dec 7 in your calendar for the OpenText StreamServe User Group Customer Conference. The StreamServe UK User Group, will host a full day of presentations and conversations, providing you with an excellent opportunity to find out how your business can improve further with StreamServe and how the OpenText ECM suite can provide even more value to you. The OpenText Customer Communication Man... Read more

  • And the winner is...

    We will have two winners in the most votes competition! The idea with most votes are: Online Log File Analyser by Vyv Lomax received 37 votes. The idea with the second most votes are: Featured Using styles to create 'multi-label' documents easier by Pieter Romijn with 26 votes. Congrats to both of you! You will receive your price shortly. Thank you all that have placed ideas to participate in this competition and t... Read more

  • Last day of Ideas Competition

    This is the last day of the Ideas Competition. This is the last chance to impact what idea that wins the competition. The Idea that has received most votes during October and first week of November wins. There are two ideas in the top: Using styles to create ‘multi-label’ documents easier by Pieter Romijn And a new idea posted by Vyv Lomax that has risen like a star the last week, Online Log File Analyzer It see... Read more

  • Reminder - Ideas Competition

    The Ideas Competition will run for one more week. Take this opportunity to vote for the ideas you like. The Idea that has received most votes during October and first week of November wins. We can see that we have received several more ideas during this time period which is great. The two Ideas that are currently in the lead are: Using styles to create ‘multi-label’ documents easier by Pieter Romijn And Ignore er... Read more

  • Categories – To Be or Not to Be

    We are looking on doing some changes regarding Categories in the Forum. I have earlier asked you for input regarding the Categories but didn’t receive many answers. We are discussing if the categories should be removed. It seems as though a lot of posts are posted in the wrong category which means that it’s difficult to find them and it gives our administrators quite a lot of work moving them to the right category. ... Read more

  • Most Votes Competition!

    Take this opportunity to submit your ideas and win a camera. During October we will have a competition for all StreamShare members. The person that has posted an idea that receives most votes during October wins. The idea can have been posted prior to or during October. It’s the amount of votes that counts! So post your idea and encourage others to vote on it. A special price will be offered to the member that has... Read more

  • StreamShare Statistics - We are now more than 3000 (!) members

    StreamShare has now passed 3000 members and we are growing every day.  The Nordic (Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark) region is highly represented but other regions, like Southern (France, Spain), Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium), Germany, UK and US, are growing steadily as well. Were we are growing the most are countries like India, New Zeeland and China. Top contributors Last week one of our top contributors Vy... Read more

  • Ideas section & the Product Management team

    Have a look at the Ideas section and you will get a presentation of our Product Management team that is responsible for the development of the OpenText StreamServe product. The Ideas that you post are read and evaluated by the respective Product Manager. We have made other minor changes to the Ideas section. When an idea is approved by the Product Management team the status of the idea is “Open for voting”. This mea... Read more

  • Need more knowledge?

    We proudly present this autumn’s StreamServe courses. Since the OpenText acquisition the names of the courses have changed but the content is StreamServe products. We have a set of e-learning courses, for example “Using the OpenText Correspondence Management Solution” which will guide you through the basics of how to use Composition Center, Correspondence Reviewer, Ad-hoc Correspondence and much more. There are cou... Read more

  • Don't miss anything

    Hi and welcome back from your vacations. I hope you had a great summer. During the summer time we have done some smaller improvements to StreamShare. To be able to reach as many as possible with the information that we write in our blog, we have made the latest blogs available from the Forum page. I’m sure you guys don’t want to miss anything, especially blogs like “StreamServe Persuasion SP5 Enhancement Pack 1 - pr... Read more

  • Template projects for download

    It’s nice to see that the integration between the StreamServe products and the OpenText products are starting to happen. I attended a workshop last week where two of our top consultants Ola Hellgren and Ilja Ziegler, one with StreamServe knowledge and one with OpenText Content Server knowledge, had put together an excellent solution to move data from the Collector solution to an OpenText Content Server solution. So... Read more

  • Make a statement!

    To continue on Vyv's blog "10 Keys to Statement Success" I wanted to tell you about a new microsite where you can read about Customer Communication Management. You can read about business/technical values for delivering personal relevant cross- and up-sell messages and you can listen to some of our customers and their thoughts. Best of all is that you can create a sample document yourself on the fly. Look for the “T... Read more


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