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  • Persuasion SP5 - Designing for All

    SP5 is a unique release in the sense that this is the first time R&D is focusing on making the new applications accessible for all, including people with disabilities or special needs.   What is Accessibility? Accessibility is all about making it possible for everyone to get access to and work with the information that the applications provide. No matter if you use a conventional mouse, keyboard and computer scree... Read more

  • 10 Rules of Thumb for Providing a Better User Experience

    How good is StreamServe at providing a good user experience?  Below is a list of general rules of thumb that each and every application should follow to ensure a good user experience. It is developed by Dr Jacob Nielsen, one of the "gurus" in the usability area. I will describe some changes in Composition Center SP5 and how they relate to these 10 rules of thumb. Read more about it in the article! http://streamsha... Read more

  • What about the user experience?

    SP5 will, as you have seen on earlier blog posts, contain a lot of new features. When developing a product it’s easy to get lost in the long lists of desired features. Features that other competitors have, features that someone has seen in some other application, features that has been listed on a wish list by some customer, or simply features that seem cool to have. But features are more important than just being ... Read more

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