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  • Ideas section & the Product Management team

    Have a look at the Ideas section and you will get a presentation of our Product Management team that is responsible for the development of the OpenText StreamServe product. The Ideas that you post are read and evaluated by the respective Product Manager. We have made other minor changes to the Ideas section. When an idea is approved by the Product Management team the status of the idea is “Open for voting”. This mea... Read more

  • Need more knowledge?

    We proudly present this autumn’s StreamServe courses. Since the OpenText acquisition the names of the courses have changed but the content is StreamServe products. We have a set of e-learning courses, for example “Using the OpenText Correspondence Management Solution” which will guide you through the basics of how to use Composition Center, Correspondence Reviewer, Ad-hoc Correspondence and much more. There are cou... Read more

  • Release News: OpenText StreamServe 5.5.0 Enhancement Pack 1 (EP1) schedule for release 10th of October

    OpenText StreamServe 5.5.0 Enhancement Pack 1 (EP1) is schedule for release on the 10th of October. To read more about new features included in the 5.5.0 EP1 release go to http://streamshare.streamse rve.com/Blog/Blog-Post/?entryI D=408 Read more

  • Don't miss anything

    Hi and welcome back from your vacations. I hope you had a great summer. During the summer time we have done some smaller improvements to StreamShare. To be able to reach as many as possible with the information that we write in our blog, we have made the latest blogs available from the Forum page. I’m sure you guys don’t want to miss anything, especially blogs like “StreamServe Persuasion SP5 Enhancement Pack 1 - pr... Read more

  • SURG Nordic Customer Conference in Stockholm, Nov 9

    Please mark Nov 9 in your calendar for the SURG Customer Conference. SURG, the StreamServe Nordic User Group, will host a full day of presentations and conversations, providing you an excellent opportunity to find out how your business can improve further with StreamServe. Why join? You will learn about the StreamServe product and how it fits within the OpenText ECM Suite. We will guide you to some of the ways you... Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed - Project Review - A turn for a better solution

    Yesterday was an interesting day at the customer. It all started out with a simple workshop about CompositionCenter. During this workshop the understanding on how documents are built changed for all of us and we realized that the current document creation process might not be the best way for the customer. We ended up changing things and yesterday we prepared a POC for the customer on the new improved way to fit the... Read more

  • Maintenance work on StreamShare.

    StreamShare could be down today 26st of August for some time due to maintenance work. ww.streamserve.com and partner.streamserve.com could be affected as well.We ask for your patience and we will be back on track as soon as possible. Regards Magtiel Read more

  • Template projects for download

    It’s nice to see that the integration between the StreamServe products and the OpenText products are starting to happen. I attended a workshop last week where two of our top consultants Ola Hellgren and Ilja Ziegler, one with StreamServe knowledge and one with OpenText Content Server knowledge, had put together an excellent solution to move data from the Collector solution to an OpenText Content Server solution. So... Read more

  • Make a statement!

    To continue on Vyv's blog "10 Keys to Statement Success" I wanted to tell you about a new microsite where you can read about Customer Communication Management. You can read about business/technical values for delivering personal relevant cross- and up-sell messages and you can listen to some of our customers and their thoughts. Best of all is that you can create a sample document yourself on the fly. Look for the “T... Read more

  • 10 Keys to Statement Success

    I found the following tips on how to make great statements and thought it would be good to share it. I also recommend the following White Paper in order to reveal the most important features of a statement / invoice. Here is an excerpt from the following link: Great Statements Enjoy.... 10 keys to statement success 1. State the facts. Present accurate, clear and relevant information—in your client's language of c... Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed - Back to business

    Hi, Now it was quite a while since the last post. People are returning from vacation and next week the project will start again. A couple of posts ago I got an inquiry to inform more about the environments and the software deployment, so I'll try to shed some light here.   Environments DEV Every developer has their own VMImage (Win7, not connected to domain), on which StreamServe and Visual Studio (to enable con... Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed - Vacations

    Hi, Right now everybody, except me, are on vacation. I will try to get in some posts about the project for you reading this to get to know more what we have done on the project. Stefan had some question when I put in my last blog post that I'll try to answer that next week. If you want to know anything more, just ask here on the blog. Have a great weekend! Read more

  • StreamServe is now OpenText

    As you are probably aware, StreamServe is now part of OpenText, the world’s largest software company specialized in ECM (Enterprise Content Management). We are convinced that there are a number of areas where we can now offer you an even greater value by complementing the solutions you already have. We also hope that we can provide expertise and experience to help you overcome the challenges of an ever increasing in... Read more

  • Problems with system messages

    Some of you have had problems accessing system messages sent from StreamShare. This is due to some problems in our Community Platform. As soon as the problems are solved we’ll let you know. Sorry about any inconvenience. Cheers,Maria Read more

  • StreamServe Persuasion SP5 Enhancement Pack 1 - pre-release information

    G'day StreamShare community members, With the upcoming Persuasion SP5 Enhancement Pack release due at the end of September I wanted to pass on some general information about what will be part of the release. Below I have split the release into general deliverables and categories and have provided a brief description of each item. 1. Engaging email With the release of engaging email we will be improving the overall... Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed - The project continues

    Hi, After a visit to Finland for some work, I’m now back on SalusAnsvar’s project. The SalusAnsvar project kicked off in March with the first project meeting. In the beginning, we put in very few hours (40 hours in 3 months) to set up the criteria for the XML from the sending system and to decide upon a StreamServe project structure that fits with the versioning system being used; Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server... Read more

  • Have your say about CATEGORIES

    We are constantly trying to improve StreamShare to meet your needs in the best way. Take the opportunity to have your say! We are currently discussing the categories for Forum posts. At the moment we have the following categories: StreamShare Feedback, Project Management, Scenarios, Administration, User Applications, Data & Design and Connectivity & Post Processing. Do the categories help you find what you are l... Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed - Customer disclosed

    Hi,Though I am not onsite at the customer’s today (since I am only there 2 to 3 times a week), I will now disclose the customer and field of business they’re in, as promised before:  The customer is SalusAnsvar (https://www.salusansvar.se/), a Swedish insurance broker company that is part of DnB NOR Sweden (https://www.dnbnor.se/?LA=EN) . StreamServe’s task is to assist SalusAnsvar in creating a document output work... Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed - Virus strikes the project

    Hi, Sorry for the delay of this post. Both me and the customer’s project manager has been home with a cold for the last two days. This is something we have to handle in the project, but right now it does not seem like a big issue since we only lost 16 hours of work from our side and looking at the calendar we are fortunate enough to be able to put in these hours at a later time. In the next post I will disclose the... Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed - STARTED

    Hi, Now it's time to for me start blogging. The blog will act as a delayed live feed on whats going on during a StreamServe implementation at one of our customers. Some short information about me I have worked with implementations of StreamServe project for more than 3 years at this point in time. The customers I've worked for have ranged from small customers using version 3 up to StreamServe's largest customers u... Read more

  • Live Project

    Don’t miss the opportunity to follow one of our StreamServe customers during their implementation project. Read about the goals with the project, the project team members, ups and downs of the project and the result as the project proceeds. Help the team solve the problems coming up or use their solutions to have your own project move forward. I will not reveal the name of the customer at this point. I will leave t... Read more

  • A New Performance Guidelines for SP5 GA is relased at OpenText Knowledge Center

    You will find the new document at the following link https://knowledge.opentext.com /knowledge/llisapi.dll/Open/18 846915 By default, the StreamServe software is designed to ensure a well-rounded overall performance related to operating systems, databases, job throughput, response times, and memory consumption. However, depending on your specific environment and configurations you may still experience performance i... Read more

  • Lawson M3 Output Solution Webinar

    A webinar on Lawson M3 Output Solution is coming up on Tuesday 21 June @10.30 AM CET.  Join in to learn more about the Lawson M3/Streamserve connectivity and meet R&D-experts who will answer your questions in this live session. Register here: http://www.streamserve.com/Ser vices/Training/Webinar-Registr ation/ The webinar will be recorded and made available on http://www.streamservelearning .com/ Read more

  • StreamShare SQL problems solved

    We have had problems with our SQL server. Our public web sites (streamshare.streamserve.com, www.streamserve.com , partner.streamserve.com) have been down for some time. It is all fixed now and everything works fine again. We apologize for any inconvenience!   Read more

  • The best answer

    The last couple of weeks I’ve been going through the StreamShare Community. I think you post great questions and often you get excellent answers. I’m glad to see so much engagement from you all and a special thank you to our top contributors of course. It is a great amount of members logging in to the site searching for answers to their questions. Some of you post your questions and some of you are just trying to fi... Read more

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