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  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed – Slow feed

    Hi, I'm aware of that the flow of news on this event has been kind of slow, I'm truly sorry for that. The date of Go-Live has been postponed a little further to March 29th, due to the rigorous testing that has been done. Some new specifications have brought up and a professional test team on-site doing the tests has been a very good asset to have. Without them, we would probably have missed some of these issues. A ... Read more

  • Another StreamServe Blog

    I would like to introduce you to another StreamServe blog over at our Customer Communication Management page on makeastatement.opentext.com. Jonathan Agger is regularly writing about the business values that our products provide. The following topics have been covered so far: Can your invoices be worth more than the number on the bottom line? Marketing Challenge # 1: Do more with less Marketing Challenge #2: Bui... Read more

  • Ideas competition follow-up

    This autumn we had a competition on who posted the idea that got the most votes. We had two winners Online Log File Analyzer by Vyv Lomax Using styles to create ‘multi-label’ documents easier by Pieter Romijn. After speaking to R&D I learned that the Idea from Vyv is being discussed how the idea might be implemented. R&D has a couple of suggestions on how this can be done. Writing a log file analyzing tool mig... Read more

  • Content Day Nordic 2012

    I'm very happy to announce OpenText Content Day Nordic 2012! Date:   May 10 & 11Venue: Courtyard Marriott, Stockholm Content Day Nordic 2012 is actually a two day event. May 10 is the main conference day. It will provide you with inspiration, knowledge and shared experience. This is when you get the latest updates on the ECM market and OpenText’s vision and strategy for the future. There will be both keynote presen... Read more

  • Friday 20 January, 2:30 pm Maintenance work on StreamShare

    StreamShare will be down today 20th of January at 2:30 pm for a few minutes due to maintenance work.We ask for your patience and we will be back on track as soon as possible.RegardsMagtiel Jimenez Read more

  • 10 Predictions for 2012

    It’s January and it seems appropriate to write some predictions for the coming year (everyone else is doing it), so here goes:In 2012 we will see:1 - A Live Project feature for StreamShare - allowing people to follow the development of a project with Twitter / Facebook / Etc. Making StreamShare truly different from other sources of StreamServe knowledge. The only hang-up is finding a suitable platform to host it on.2... Read more

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Thank you for this year and thanks for your efforts building the StreamShare community stronger and more valuable for everyone. There have been quite a few discussions during this year; we have reached more than 2300 forum topics. Storyteller has been discussed quite a lot, which is good since it’s a rather new product and a lot of people has questions about it. Otherwise the discussions are quite spread out and inv... Read more

  • SOLVED: Problem with subscriptions

    We are experiencing some problems with subscriptions.Email notifications are not sent out  at this moment. We're working to solve the problem. We apologize for the inconvenience. Regards Magtiel Jimenez Read more

  • Documentation updates

    The following have been updated for StreamServe Persuasion SP5/EP1: E-Invoice Center User Guide E-Invoice Center End-user Guide StreamServe Online Help See Knowledge Center. Read more

  • Subscribe to new Ideas

    We have now added the possibility to subscribe to new ideas. Select the Ideas tab and use the subscribe button to get an email notification when a new idea is posted. We will continuously do both small and larger improvements to StreamShare. Next task is to have a look at the search capabilities. Please feel free to express YOUR opinion. Have a nice week-end! Cheers,Maria Read more

  • UK Customer Conference in London, Dec 7

    Please make sure to book the Dec 7 in your calendar for the OpenText StreamServe User Group Customer Conference. The StreamServe UK User Group, will host a full day of presentations and conversations, providing you with an excellent opportunity to find out how your business can improve further with StreamServe and how the OpenText ECM suite can provide even more value to you. The OpenText Customer Communication Man... Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed – TEST phase has begun

    A lot has happened since last time. The customer has now entered several hundred text resources into Composition Center. They preview and change them continuously. The test phase has begun. Unfortunately due to shortage in resources the project Go-Live has been postponed to February 15th. We will still continue working on the project but with fewer resources. Read more

  • Thanks for interesting discussions at SURG and Partner Deepdive

    Yep I have now caught up with all other stuff after meeting many interesting people at the Nordic SURG a bit more than a week ago. We also had a good day of discussion with Nordic Partners the day after and I hope we can take many of the ideas we got from these two days with us to the coming releases.We are still discussiong alot about the Composition Center prototype that I showed at SURG and more input would still ... Read more

  • And the winner is...

    We will have two winners in the most votes competition! The idea with most votes are: Online Log File Analyser by Vyv Lomax received 37 votes. The idea with the second most votes are: Featured Using styles to create 'multi-label' documents easier by Pieter Romijn with 26 votes. Congrats to both of you! You will receive your price shortly. Thank you all that have placed ideas to participate in this competition and t... Read more

  • Last day of Ideas Competition

    This is the last day of the Ideas Competition. This is the last chance to impact what idea that wins the competition. The Idea that has received most votes during October and first week of November wins. There are two ideas in the top: Using styles to create ‘multi-label’ documents easier by Pieter Romijn And a new idea posted by Vyv Lomax that has risen like a star the last week, Online Log File Analyzer It see... Read more

  • Error on StreamShare right now.

    We are experiencing some problems on StreamShare right now.There is not possible to post on any StreamShare section.We are working to solve the problem a.s.a.p.We apologize for the inconvenience. Regards Magtiel Jimenez Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed - Getting the test environment up and running

    Since the Go-Live date is coming up in the middle of December we need to set the TEST-environment up for the testers to start testing. Along with the environment setup, we have also received new XML-schemas; it's now full throttle to get everything done during the week. Hopefully we'll make it. One of the larger issues is that previewing from CompositionCenter is not working at the moment. According to our support a... Read more

  • Reminder - Ideas Competition

    The Ideas Competition will run for one more week. Take this opportunity to vote for the ideas you like. The Idea that has received most votes during October and first week of November wins. We can see that we have received several more ideas during this time period which is great. The two Ideas that are currently in the lead are: Using styles to create ‘multi-label’ documents easier by Pieter Romijn And Ignore er... Read more

  • Categories – To Be or Not to Be

    We are looking on doing some changes regarding Categories in the Forum. I have earlier asked you for input regarding the Categories but didn’t receive many answers. We are discussing if the categories should be removed. It seems as though a lot of posts are posted in the wrong category which means that it’s difficult to find them and it gives our administrators quite a lot of work moving them to the right category. ... Read more

  • Welcome SP5 Enhancement Pack 1

    Never a better time to start with a blog than the after an interesting new release has been kicked out of the door…. I am proud we got SP5 Enhancement pack 1 a couple of weeks ago as planned and last week we also shipped the Adobe version of it together with a software handover to SAP (also as planned). Enhancement Pack1, or EP1 for short is in my opinion very interesting as it will be easy for you to install, perf... Read more

  • StreamServe Project - LIVE feed - Back from parent leave

    Hi, It was some time ago I wrote here. I've been away almost 4 weeks from work. I got a baby boy in September, that's why. A lot of things has happened in the project since the last time. We now have to go live over 1 month earlier than expected. Hopefully we'll manage, everybody here is on their toes now to get a good solution working as fast as possible. Se you again soon! Read more

  • StreamShare DNS problem solved

    We have had problems with our DNS server. Our public web sites (streamshare.streamserve.com, www.streamserve.com , partner.streamserve.com) have been down for some time. It is all fixed now and everything works fine again. We apologize for any inconvenience! Read more

  • OpenText StreamServe 5.5 Enhancement Pack 1 Released!

    OpenText StreamServe 5.5 Enhancement Pack 1 (EP1) is now officially released. The software and documentation can be found on the following OpenText Knowledge Center links: StreamServe Persuasion SP5 (5.5) Enhancement Pack 1 Documentationhttps://knowledge .opentext.com/knowledge/cs.dll /properties/19679569 Note: Please read the StreamServe Persuasion SP5 Enhancement Pack 1 Reference Guide.pdf for detailed informatio... Read more

  • Most Votes Competition!

    Take this opportunity to submit your ideas and win a camera. During October we will have a competition for all StreamShare members. The person that has posted an idea that receives most votes during October wins. The idea can have been posted prior to or during October. It’s the amount of votes that counts! So post your idea and encourage others to vote on it. A special price will be offered to the member that has... Read more

  • StreamShare Statistics - We are now more than 3000 (!) members

    StreamShare has now passed 3000 members and we are growing every day.  The Nordic (Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark) region is highly represented but other regions, like Southern (France, Spain), Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium), Germany, UK and US, are growing steadily as well. Were we are growing the most are countries like India, New Zeeland and China. Top contributors Last week one of our top contributors Vy... Read more

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