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  • The Retrieved script on the Event

    Hi everyone, Let's see if we can start a discussion about the Retrieved script. Before StreamServe Persuasion I didn't use the Retrieved script at all, but I have now gained some insights from IT-Toolbox as well as found some needs in the StreamServe product. Currently I'm only using the Retrieved script for two things: - Saving a copy of the input from Directory connectors. - Setting variables used in Document Types... Read more

  • Traceability with StreamServe

    So what about keeping track of all the documents flowing around through our Enterprise Document Presentment systems. Why should we? If there is a missing Invoice it'll eventually show, and we can create another one to fix it. No harm done. Some missing order acknowledgements to a couple of customers don't matter, does it? Or, maybe it's expensive not to get paid in time, and maybe some customers' starts looking for o... Read more

  • Session variables

    Time is a delicate matter. I'm currently on a trip to Norway, and (almost) I found this out the hard way. I had a two hour drive by car to the airport, which of course took more than two and a half hours including parking, bus etcetera. I got really late for check-in but in the end managed to get on the plane, with a little help from some nice staff at the airport. In the StreamServe script language there is a featur... Read more

  • Before Message Script

    The Before Message Script is a good place to decide how and when to generate documents. The CallProc function can easily be used to create one or more copies of one or more documents. Let us say that we have an Invoice Message containing one event and three Processes. The event fetches all necessary information for the Invoices, and one of the fields describes what type of Invoice it is; Invoice, Supplementary Invoic... Read more

  • StreamServe Architecture

    I'm currently finishing up the building of my new house, with some painting, carpenting and lawn work. I realize that to get that great house, the foundation needs to be robust and well built as well as the surface must be detailed and gently painted. This is pretty much how I think a StreamServe environment should be built. It is not just important to get all the incoming data in there, and fix all problems in PageO... Read more

  • Adobe LiveCycle Production Print ES2 shipped

    LiveCycle Production Print ES2 has shipped and is now available from Adobe. This release was built based on StreamServe Persuasion 5.4 and contains updates in the following areas: Support for XFA 3.1/LC Designer 9.0 The LCPP XFA processor supports the Inactive Presense option.  It behaves like the Hidden option but also excludes the object from calculations etc...The listen attribute for event propagation within a... Read more

  • New utility - StreamServe Document Comparison Tool

    Users are sometimes reluctant to upgrade to later versions of products. The reasons are many but fear of a long upgrading project and the risk of not spotting possible errors is one of the most common issues. StreamServe has developed a tool to address a specific part of this problem. We call this tool a "Document Comparison Tool" (or Strs DCT) and it can be used to automate the process of visually comparing two doc... Read more

  • The basics of StreamServe and SAP integration

    In this Blog I would like to give a birds-eye overview of one of my main focus areas within R&D, which is our SAP integration. Many of you “StreamServers” might already have the knowledge, but still it feels right to start of my blogging with defining the basics in this area. A key aspect of understanding is that StreamServe integrates technically with SAP via the NetWeaver platform, which is the technical platform... Read more


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