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  • StreamServe 5.6.2 - New features

    2.1 New Features OpenText StreamServe 5.6.2 Cumulative Fix 1 includes the following new features.  Interactive Correspondence for Content Server (ICCS)  Provides a native integration of StreamServe Ad Hoc Correspondence into Content Server Template Workspaces, which allows business users working in Content Server to create flexible, template based correspondence, interactively from their native Content Server ... Read more

  • Predictions for 2015

    Getting the balance right between 'ease of use' and 'function' needs to be settled and I hope we will all start to talk about it this year. Too many newcomers and rationalised IT departments find it hard to work to get up and running with document tools and either make-do, put-up, hire in help, or just quit trying. That's one part to it. The other is that seasoned programmers and infrastructure experts find the ... Read more

  • OpenText StreamServe 5.6.2 now availibale

    We're pleased to announce the release of OpenText StreamServe 5.6.2.  To see what's inside (and to download), please visit the Knowledge Center: https://knowledge.opentext.com /knowledge/cs.dll?func=ll&objI d=56812465&objAction=ViewNews  You can also attend our OpenText Live webinar on February 3rd for further details and a demo of the new version. Register here. Read more

  • The release is now officially available on Knowledge Center for Customers to download buy and install!

    Hi Yesterday evening the Release Engineering team was done with our release and the build we chose for to be GA release last week. Software and Documentation are put on our download site , some processes to make the product available for sales and some legal processes are made. This was done with the help from PM and our CM teams during the last 5 days. The release is now officially available on Knowledge Center f... Read more

  • Do you want to work with us? we are looking for a Consultant in Stockholm

    Read more about the job here : http://opentextats.avature.net /careers/JobDetail/Stockholm-S weden-Consultant/6790 Read more

  • Do you want to work with us ? we are looking for a Software Engineer in Gothenburg

    Read more about the job :http://opentextats.avature.ne t/careers/JobDetail/Gothenburg -Sweden-Software-Engineer/423   Read more

  • Predictions for 2014

    It’s that time of year again to think ahead… but this time I shall not pretend that this is a list of predictions anymore… it is of course a private wish list. So, if I could choose … the StreamServe year ahead for 2014:   Increased Communication Channels Although technically possible today with custom code, I would like to see standard connectors for generating: - Web Service calls to help post/collect with CAD ... Read more

  • StreamServe 5.6.1 - Partner Support Deep Dive

      Dear StreamServe Partners,  Many thanks to those of you attending the Partner Deep Dive Session on November 5, 2013. We really appreciated your invaluable input and feedback as well as the open discussions during the day.  Please follow this LINK to access the presentations.  Thank you again and we are looking forward to seeing you at future Partner events. Please note that you need login to Knowledge Center.... Read more

  • 10 Predictions for 2013

    It’s January again and so its time to write some more predictions for 2013. Quite soon I hope to follow up on last years predictions. In 2013 we will see: 1 - The big news is of course the release of StreamServe 5.6. There are many pieces of functionality to grab with this release and there will certainly be many posts surrounding its implementation. Please do not forget to tag your posts with your version! 2 – Bu... Read more

  • Maintenance work on StreamShare today, December 10th, 6:30 - 8:30 PM CET

    StreamShare will be unavailable today 10th of December between 6:30 -8:30 PM CET (Central European Time) for some time due to maintenance work. www.streamserve.com and partner.streamserve.com will be unavailable too. We ask for your patience and we will be back on track as soon as possible. Regards Magtiel Jimenez Read more

  • SAP and StreamServe: Operational Efficiencies & Customer Communication with SAP Document Presentment and Document Presentment Live

    This blog will be about SAP and StreamServe, in the context of our tailored SAP solutions I will first try to explain the high level view of the value that we bring to the table for our customers together with SAP and then looking a little bit more under the hood, especially in context of the upcoming 5.6 release. But first, maybe a quick explanation of the solutions as such: what are really SAP Document Presentment... Read more

  • StoryTeller output options and what they can do for you

    StreamServe SP5 Enhancement pack is out for nearly a year with new possibility to generate unpaginated HTML output from StoryTeller. And now, when SP6 release is knocking on the door with yet another output type addition, it is good time for some deeper explanation. So, I will try to outline what the output types are and what they were meant for. Based on this information I hope you will be able to understand certai... Read more

  • The new Output Center version 2.3.21 is now available at http://knowledge.opentext.com

    General fixes   - New Scheduler option “scheduler.lpr_socket_timeout_ milliseconds” added to properties file. This allows to configure network connection timeout on connection between the Scheduler service and LPD server/printer. Example scheduler.lpr_socket_timeout_m illiseconds=1200000   Oracle version fixes   - DataDirect JDBC OC Client v.2.3.18 is included to installation package. DataDirect JDBC fixes t... Read more

  • OpenText StreamServe 5.6

    StreamServe version 5.6 has been in the making for nearly one year and we reached the functional freeze milestone last week. Over 70 people have been participating in the development of this release. They have been working hard to give you the best StreamServe release to date. StreamServe 5.6 is scheduled for release in December with a public launch in January. Between now and December, we are primarily working on b... Read more

  • August Hotfix for SP5 (EP1)

    Last week we released the quarterly hotfix or Cumulative Fix as it will be called in OpenText. We are now moving into stricter process on how we handle uploading and distribution of hotfixes, aligning the naming across OpenText products. “So what is in it for me”? About 100 bugs or minor improvements of various severity where reported/found and implemented, about half internally found (yes we do continue to test t... Read more

  • New Ideas

    We are now starting to do the detailed planning for the next major release of StreamServe and would like to get your input. We are closelly monitoring the Ideas section here on StreamShare, so take the opportunity to make yourself heard and vote on existing ideas that you would like to see implemented or post a new idea and make sure that it get enough votes to qualify for the release. Regards, Stefan Read more

  • My first test of the 64bit StreamServer

    OpenText StreamServe 5.6 will include both 32 and 64bit StreamServers for the first time. I just tried the 64bit Windows port and this is really cool.The main advantage of a 64bit environment is the ability to use much more memory compared to in a 32bit environment.  For a 32-bit application (process) launched in a 32-bit Windows, the total size of memory must not exceed 2 Gbytes. (Actually it is 1.75 GB due to memo... Read more

  • Maintenance work on StreamShare today, 2nd of July, around 12:00

    StreamShare could be down today 2nd of July for some time due to maintenance work.We ask for your patience and we will be back on track as soon as possible. Regards Magtiel Jimenez Read more

  • New Hotfix for SP5 EP1

    Hi Last week we released a hotfix on SP5 EP1 summing up internally and externally found bugs but also making some interesting improvements that I wanted to share with you. Since SP5 was released 1.5 years ago we have moved to a process where we release less hotfixes but spend more time on the ones we release. this is to ensure better quality in the hotfixes and also longterm increas the quality of the products. Of... Read more

  • New hotfix release!

    Hi, Hotfix build 1450 has been released and is now available on https://knowledge.opentext.com /. OpenText Knowledge Center requires login. If you have a StreamServe Support contract you should have received an e-mail welcoming you to OpenText Customer Support with login credentials to the OpenText Knowledge Center (KC). If you did not receive an e-mail with a login to KC, please send an e-mail to uk-support@opentex... Read more

  • 10 Predictions for 2012

    It’s January and it seems appropriate to write some predictions for the coming year (everyone else is doing it), so here goes:In 2012 we will see:1 - A Live Project feature for StreamShare - allowing people to follow the development of a project with Twitter / Facebook / Etc. Making StreamShare truly different from other sources of StreamServe knowledge. The only hang-up is finding a suitable platform to host it on.2... Read more

  • Documentation updates

    The following have been updated for StreamServe Persuasion SP5/EP1: E-Invoice Center User Guide E-Invoice Center End-user Guide StreamServe Online Help See Knowledge Center. Read more

  • Thanks for interesting discussions at SURG and Partner Deepdive

    Yep I have now caught up with all other stuff after meeting many interesting people at the Nordic SURG a bit more than a week ago. We also had a good day of discussion with Nordic Partners the day after and I hope we can take many of the ideas we got from these two days with us to the coming releases.We are still discussiong alot about the Composition Center prototype that I showed at SURG and more input would still ... Read more

  • Welcome SP5 Enhancement Pack 1

    Never a better time to start with a blog than the after an interesting new release has been kicked out of the door…. I am proud we got SP5 Enhancement pack 1 a couple of weeks ago as planned and last week we also shipped the Adobe version of it together with a software handover to SAP (also as planned). Enhancement Pack1, or EP1 for short is in my opinion very interesting as it will be easy for you to install, perf... Read more

  • OpenText StreamServe 5.5 Enhancement Pack 1 Released!

    OpenText StreamServe 5.5 Enhancement Pack 1 (EP1) is now officially released. The software and documentation can be found on the following OpenText Knowledge Center links: StreamServe Persuasion SP5 (5.5) Enhancement Pack 1 Documentationhttps://knowledge .opentext.com/knowledge/cs.dll /properties/19679569 Note: Please read the StreamServe Persuasion SP5 Enhancement Pack 1 Reference Guide.pdf for detailed informatio... Read more


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