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  • Correspondence Management: What your parents never told you

    You can teach old dogs (or parents) new tricks! There’s no doubt; the Internet has fundamentally shifted the way we communicate with one another. With the exception of a thank you note, not even my parents write letters any more. They send emails to friends, Skype with their children and are even texting with their grandchildren. Sure it wasn’t for them at easy at first, but in the words of my in-laws, ‘it’s the onl... Read more

  • How can you benefit from a Media Management solution if you already have StreamServe?

    That is the question I will try to answer with this blog. Let me start by a short summary of current situation and some of the challenges we see in managing digital assets. Current Situation: Every year we are more than doubling the amount of information created. A large amount of the information created is in the form of digital assets such as images, movies, sound files, catalogs and so on. This creates large p... Read more

  • 10 Keys to Statement Success

    I found the following tips on how to make great statements and thought it would be good to share it. I also recommend the following White Paper in order to reveal the most important features of a statement / invoice. Here is an excerpt from the following link: Great Statements Enjoy.... 10 keys to statement success 1. State the facts. Present accurate, clear and relevant information—in your client's language of c... Read more

  • The sequel of StreamServe is called Open Text, but do you know how StreamServe was born?

      Being with the company for almost eleven years I have heard the story in bits and pieces mainly at social gatherings. We are quite few, both employees, customers and partners that have been with the company for many years and for sure have more stories to add. I encourage you to share yours, by commenting to this post. The story about how StreamServe was borne is written by Lars-Ove Axelsson (Co-Founder & Board m... Read more

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