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  • Newbie - Multi Channel Delivery (EP1) - DEMO Package
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    Multi Channel Delivery has been updated in EP1 allowing you generate output from one process to several connectors dynamically with a simplified configuration.

    Here you can find a simple EP1 project package with dynamic selection of printer and connectors to get you started if you need any help.

    Arie - I hope this is what you were looking for.

  • Newbie - StreamServe Script Execution - TIP
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    Learning the StreamServe Script Execution is VERY important when starting out with StreamServe.

    This is a subject covered by many posts - of which I shall post as links here - yet if you are:

    - Totally new to StreamServe,
    - Have inherited a StreamServe postion,
    - A StreamServe administrator / developer new to programming, or
    - Inherited a StreamServe Project

    Then this little tip should help to get you started.

  • Company Event name tags in less than three hours, part 4, Story Teller
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    Hi again,
    This will be the fourth and last part of this story, and I will go through the Story Teller design of the Label project. After a question on IT-Toolbox about if it is possible to add images from web locations I decided to add a logotype to the project that is fetched using a URL.
    The idea in this project is to use the Story Teller feature to have a story (all the name tags) flow between several Story frames, one per name tag.

  • Company Event name tags in less than three hours, part 3, XMLIn
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    This is the third part of this series, and here I will walk through the Excel XML data file and the XMLIn event used in this project. The fact that it was decided to use StoryTeller instead of PageOut, made the configuration of the XMLIn much simpler.

  • Company Event name tags in less than three hours, part 2
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    A couple of weeks ago, a colleague of mine, we can call her Karin, got a similar question to the one I described in part 1 of this series. It wasn’t as spectacular as the story in part 1, no CEO rushing through the room, but the need was similar. We had an Excel sheet containing rows of information and we needed to create labels with barcodes. So we created a solution for this and since I thought it had some nice features I thought it would become a good article for this forum. Note that the StreamServe solution I will show you here is written only for this article.
    So our main goal is to as quickly as possible create name tags for a customer event, using the content of an Excel spread sheet. I have therefore cut some corners and made a quick and dirty solution.

  • Company Event name tags in less then three hours, part 1
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    One morning your CEO enters the room and clearly states his presence.
    He walks right through the open-plan, aiming right at you. Half way there, still walking, he says in a clear voice, while everyone else in the room quietly looks at the scenery.
    - Hey you, Mr. Smith, aren't you printing Invoices all day long, fixing the design and everything?
    - This afternoon we will have two hundred customer representatives over for this big event, and I need name tags for them to wear. Here's an Excel sheet with all the names and companies. Have them ready by noon.
    He throws over a USB memory stick, and just as quickly as he came, he vanishes out the door.

  • Remote Debug of a StreamServe Java connector
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    This article is a result of building java connectors for StreamServe for different customers. And at one of these customers I was lucky enough to meet some really good java developers that setup some cool debugging possibilities that I did not know of beforehand.

    I can’t take credit for all the content in the article, but it has been really helpful for me when building java connectors for StreamServe and I hope it might help you as well. Thanks to the helpers of the content.