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Friday 27 May, 2016
Rajkumar Aoutade Rajkumar Aoutade
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OpenText Communication Centre Enterprise 16 released.


I would like to inform you that opentext has released OpenText Communication Centre Enterprise 16. It is renamed to StreamServe and rebranded with new name. For this release you need OpenText Directory Services 16 to manage control centre users and its access.

 1. Framework and StreamServer

Framework and StreamServer includes a management gateway and the underlying software to run Communications Center applications, such as StreamServer applications, service gateways, Archiver applications, and task scheduler applications.
2. Control Center
Control Center includes the administration tool used to deploy, run, and administer Communications Center applications.
3.  Design Center
Design Center includes the tools you use to build Communications Center Projects.
4.  Web Applications
Web Applications includes the following applications:
• WorkShop (including the Resources, Templates, and Services views).
• Supervisor (including the Track and Review views).
• StoryBoard
• ReTouch

For more information please contact OPENTEXT.

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