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  • Integrating StreamServe with an external business rule engine

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Tuesday 21 October, 2014
Hipolito Jimenez Hipolito Jimenez
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Everybody knows that you can implement some business rules using Composition Center, but, what happens when you needs more control or the customer has an external business rule engine?
The latest version of StreamServe enables you to execute Java code inside any StreamServe project, in this way you can integrate StreamServe with any external system.

In the StreamServe project package you can download for this link:
there is a demo project that is integrated with an external business rule engine (drools in this case).

The project select the output connector, the process and the marketing message evaluating the rules in an Excel file (the drools decision table) based on the age and gender in the input data.
(The Excel file and the java classes are included as resources in the project, so you only needs to configure the "Java Vendor" in the java configuration of the Control Center).

To run the project just:
- Unpack and export the project (it is version 5.6.1)
- Deploy the export file and configure the java vendor of the service using control center
- The sample input file (sample.xml) is in the "ManagementGateway\5.6.1\root\applications\SERVICE_NAME\data\samples" folder
- The decision table containing the rules is the excel file "ManagementGateway\5.6.1\root\applications\SERVICE_NAME\data\RulesEngineDemo.xls" (the rules are evaluated for every input job so you can modify them on the fly)
- Copy the sample file to the "ManagementGateway\5.6.1\root\applications\SERVICE_NAME\inXml" folder (this folder is autocreated by the streamserve platform connector)
- The output files are in the folders "ManagementGateway\5.6.1\root\applications\SERVICE_NAME\outputFax", "ManagementGateway\5.6.1\root\applications\SERVICE_NAME\outputPdf" and "ManagementGateway\5.6.1\root\applications\SERVICE_NAME\outputPrint"

This is only a demo but as you see you can now integrate StreamServe with any external system.

Hope this helps.

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  • Hello Hipolito

    Could you check-up the content of  your zip because it is a tmp file inside "tmp3A22.tmp"


    Monday 27 October, 2014 by Philippe Grapperon
  • The file is not a zip, but a StreamServe "dcpackage" file.

    Just use Design Center to open it as usual.


    Monday 27 October, 2014 by Hipolito Jimenez


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